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IUS Campus Happenings

AUSA's official public to the Department of Education's proposed new Title IX rules.

Ashley Smith, Staff Reporter

January 25, 2019

IU Southeast’s Student Government held their first meeting of 2019 on Jan. 17. The SGA began its 56th session with three probationary senators. Among the probationaries were neuroscience freshman John Pillow, communications sophomore Zackery McCaslin and biology sophomore Kinise Joseph. The probat...

Horizon Radio: one year later

Horizon Radio: one year later

Marc Andry, Staff Reporter

January 23, 2019

Horizon Radio is IU Southeast’s first and only student-led radio station, launched on Jan. 1, 2018 by IUS Associate Professor of Media and Journalism Adam Maksl. Since the founding of the station, its content has expanded and improved through the addition of new shows, more music, and increased st...

Partial government shutdown brings financial aid uncertainty

Anthony Hodge, undecided sophomore and Jessica Kay, nursing freshman, waiting in line to pay their bursar bills during the first week of classes.

Ashley Smith and Bryce Shreve

January 21, 2019

Since midnight on December 22, 2018, the United States federal government has been partially shut down. President Donald Trump won bigly by drawing it out to be the longest shutdown in our nation's history. Around 800,000 federal employees have been furloughed or working without pay, according to...

IUS fitness center receives equipment upgrade

Graduate student Damon Russel power lifting at the IUS fitness center

Ashley Smith, Staff Reporter

January 21, 2019

The IU Southeast gym is getting a facelift due to a petition that was passed around by Student Government senator Joseph Bortka. The petition received 200 signatures. One of the reasons why Bortka said he took on this project is because of the lack of equipment available in the gym. “There is...

Food Insecurity: How is hunger affecting IUS students

Inside the IUS food pantry.

Brittany Bullard, Staff Reporter

November 29, 2018

Food insecurity is the lack of stability in one’s food supply. For many, the reliability of their next meal isn’t so solid. This idea may bring to mind images of people starving in other parts of the world, or people you see when volunteering at a soup kitchen at Thanksgiving. However, food ins...

Glenn Mason, IUS geology professor, dies

Glenn Mason at Yellowstone National Park. Photo courtesy of Clint Franklin

Candace Leilani, Staff Reporter

November 24, 2018

Words only describe so much of something. In this case of a well-loved geology professor; actions speak louder than words.  Within the IUS Natural Sciences building, family was the word used to describe the relationship many had with Mason, coordinator of the Department of Geosciences. Student...

Eco-friendly or Nah?

Recycling and landfill bins on campus.

Candace Leilani, Staff Reporter

November 23, 2018

IU Southeast has improved their efforts on trying to recycle what is available, keep the ground clean of trash and replenish the soil with planting new flowers every year. The sustainability opportunities on campus have increased over the few years, but is there more we can do? College universities...

From Active Duty to a Bachelor’s Degree

Bryan Henderson, IUS student veteran organization president and senior psychology major, spoke during the Veterans Luncheon on Nov. 9.

November 15, 2018

Despite what you may see in a large number of coming-of-age college movies, not all college students begin their studies straight out of high school. Some, at IU Southeast and across the United States, may begin their studies straight out of Iraq or Afghanistan. Veteran students fall into the catego...

Senior Artists Share the Concepts Behind their Work

Photo by Stephen Simmons

Stephen Simmons, Staff Reporter

November 10, 2018

Senior Bachelor of Fine Arts students at IU Southeast will present their artwork at a show called “Spectrum of Illumination.” The show is designed to let BFA students illuminate their diverse perspectives of human experience and everyday observation. From Nov. 10 to Nov. 27, the exhibition will di...

Glenn Mason, IUS Geology professor, dies

Glenn Mason, IUS Geology professor, dies

Shannon Greer, Editor-in-Chief

November 7, 2018

Glenn M. Mason, 66, passed away Wednesday, Nov. 7, according to a Facebook post from the IUS School of Natural Sciences. Mason was the coordinator of the Department of Geosciences and a tenured professor here on campus. According to the post, Mason held a Ph.D. in Geology from the University of Wyoming and wa...

No need for stressin’ with SI sessions

Sarah Caminiti, a business SI leader, assists Rachel Rozenboom, an international business sophomore, with an Access program project for Computer in Business.

McKenna Curry, Staff Reporter

November 2, 2018

Imagine yourself sitting down at a desk, working on a problem that you just don’t seem to understand. You repeatedly refresh your email, patiently waiting for your professor to respond to your quick question. A tutor would be helpful, but your bank account screams “college student.” IU Southeast has...

IUS Releases Clery Act Numbers

The “Hope’s Harbor” sculpture sits in front of Knobview Hall and the Ogle Center. File photo by Bryce Shreve.

Bryce Shreve, Staff Reporter

October 30, 2018

One incident of rape and three incidents of dating violence were reported on the IUS campus in 2017, according to data from the Clery Act report released earlier this month. Indiana University’s Annual Security and Fire Safety Report contains detailed information required by the Clery Act. A wide range of crimes are reported — rape, arson, dating violence, drug/a...