Saturday, April 19, 2014

Coffee shops hire new manager


The sound grinding of coffee beans, the steaming of milk and the low hum of music filters through the door whenever a customer walks into a coffee shop on IU Southeast’s campus.

Many students and faculty members often need their daily dose of caffeine in the mornings to get their day started. Caitlin Stonecipher, business sophomore, helps fuel caffeine addictions while serving drinks with a smile.

Stonecipher is the new manager at the two coffee shops at IUS, the Library Bistro and the University Grounds Coffee Shop. Stonecipher was hired to be manager at the end of summer after the previous manager took another job off campus. Stonecipher has been employed at the coffee shops since fall 2010.

“I’ve never quit because I’ve always loved it,” Stonecipher said. “I enjoy making friends with people who are here, like staff and faculty.”

Stonecipher said she applied to be manager because she wanted to try something new, yet stay at a job she loved.

“It’s not much different being a manager,” Stonecipher said. “There’s paperwork involved but it isn’t terrible. I think it is a little weird only because I’m under 21 years old and I work with people around my age yet I am their boss. It’s sometimes hard to be stern.”

Katie Meredith, graphic design senior, said that Stonecipher has made a few welcome improvements to the coffee shops on campus.

“She has certainly made a few minor changes, but they’re noticeable and very good,” Meredith said. “She’s kind of a neat-freak like me, so she totally organized the place, which is great since we have so many new employees who could really benefit from all the orderliness.”

Meredith said that Stonecipher made the transition from employee to manager effortlessly.

“She’s tackled some tough stuff right off the bat being new manager,” Meredith said. “She really is great at her job and manages the employees and all the other crazy stuff she has to deal with really well.”

Hannah Brooks, psychology sophomore, said she hasn’t seen too many changes but has seen that Stonecipher is willing to work things out with the employees.

“I think she has done a great job so far,” Brookes said. “I think she is a little more understanding with our schedules and situations since she was a student last year. I feel like it is easy to come to her with any problem, and she won’t get upset.”

Stonecipher said that fall and winter are the most popular times to buy hot drinks, while the summer weather brings in people who want smoothies and frappuccinos.

With every changing season comes a new favorite drink. Stonceipher said that around fall and Halloween time, pumpkin spice is a popular flavor for lattes. In the winter months, many peppermint flavors come out such as peppermint mochas and peppermint hot chocolate.

“My favorite drink that we have right now is our pumpkin spice latte,” Stonecipher said. “I also really like salted caramel mochas.”

Both of the coffee shops are open year round, aside from holidays and weekends. The biggest difference between the two coffee shops is that the Library Bistro offers Starbucks coffee products whereas the University Grounds brews Jon Conti coffee. The Library Bistro and the University Grounds have the same selection in beverages available.

“I think that there is more business for us in the fall,” Stonecipher said. “I’ve been doing free advertising online as well as telling the employees to be extra friendly and I think that has helped sales this semester.”

On average, the University Grounds coffee shop makes more money than the Library Bistro. Stonecipher said she has been letting more people know the different coffee selection between the two coffee shops.

“I think there’s a lot of people who don’t like Jon Conti around here and that is what we have in the University Grounds. There are people who don’t mind it though and just want coffee no matter what it may be.”

Whether it is a cold or hot drink, Starbucks or Jon Conti, a smoothie or espresso, Stonecipher said there is something for everyone.


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