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David Domine (right) and a group of his students eat at a restaurant in Munich, Germany on the Paris-Munich KIIS winter trip. Photo provided by David Domine.

Guten Tag, Grenadiers: The benefits and advantages of taking German at IUS

Sydney Randall and Caleb Stultz April 30, 2021

Imagine living in a German-speaking country like Germany, Austria or Switzerland and making a previously unknown country your home and flawlessly blending in with the locals. Now imagine immersing yourself...

IUS Spanish professor Mindy Badia (right) poses in the classroom with two of her students. Photo provided by Mindy Badia.

Mucho gusto, Grenadiers: Why students should consider taking Spanish at IUS

Sydney Randall and Caleb Stultz April 30, 2021

A young woman once took a trip to Madrid, not knowing the adventure that awaited her. While visiting an old friend, she was whisked away on a journey to help find her friend’s father. She traveled to...

IU Southeast French professor Charles Pooser (right) and two French Club members make traditional hats called coiffes. Photo provided by Charles Pooser.

Enchanté, Grenadiers: Why IUS students should consider taking French

Caleb Stultz and Sydney Randall April 30, 2021

While taking a trip to North Africa, one American man who studied French would never expect how it would impact his life forever.  After arriving in North Africa, an area dominated by the French language,...

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