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Living On or Off Campus, Which Is Worth It?

Living On or Off Campus, Which Is Worth It?

Anessa Gilbert March 21, 2023

During my first year of college, I lived on campus. I actually didn't get to live on campus for an entire year. Due to Covid-19, I had to move out before the year ended. But, I’ll tell you about my first...

Fraternity Recruitment on a Dry Campus

Fraternity Recruitment on a Dry Campus

Nick Dentinger March 6, 2023

Greek life plays a major role in many students’ college experiences. One of, if not the most important pursuit among fraternity members is recruitment, also known as “rush.” It usually lasts a week...

Floyds Fresh Faces

Floyd’s Fresh Faces

Crystal Sexton Poates, Staff Reporter March 6, 2023

As an IUS student, it is important to know where you can grab an affordable, quick bite to eat, where to go for entertainment, and where to shop for necessities. Whether you are looking for a new place...

Anne Allen: Shrooms and Suspense

Anne Allen: Shrooms and Suspense

Tyler Eversole, Caden Gorin, and Nick Dentinger March 5, 2023

Shrooms, zooms, and everything goes boom. Professor Anne Allen is currently on academic leave without pay, says IUS Arts and Letters Dean Barbara Kutis.   If you’re new to IUS, Allen was charged...

Mental Health Matters at IUS Summit

Mental Health Matters at IUS Summit

Madison A. Miller February 27, 2023

What's important in a healthy romance? Trust. Communication.   These are among the tips that Rose S., an IUS student, got this semester at an all-day mental health summit on campus. She...

National Park Service

Why heckling POTUS isn’t always “free speech”

Caden Gorin February 15, 2023

Eight days have passed since President Biden’s annual State of the Union address, but my feelings are unchanged. Too many sounds from my TV that night were disappointing. They weren’t from Biden’s...

The cafeteria closed in the commons.

Cracking Open the IUS Cafeteria

Chelsey Elswick February 13, 2023

 After limited dining choices on campus for all of 2022, IUS students this semester have seen The Commons cafeteria reopen after a prolonged absence.  “We are trying to offer more options for our...

Employer Table Tuesdays: Local Businesses Recruiting On-Campus

Employer Table Tuesdays: Local Businesses Recruiting On-Campus

Madison A. Miller February 13, 2023

This semester, the Career Development Center is welcoming employers on campus almost every week from throughout southern Indiana and Kentucky. Called Table Tuesdays, these mid-day networking opportunities...

Photo of Deborah Ford provided by University of Wisconsin - Parkside.

IU Alumna Returns to Claim Title of Next Chancellor

Gracie Vanover, Freelance Reporter February 2, 2023

An Indiana University alumna and longtime college executive with Kentuckiana roots has been tapped as the next IUS chancellor.   Deborah Ford, who has held the top job at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside...

Chancellor Candidates State Their Case

Chancellor Candidates State Their Case

Crystal Sexton Poates, Staff Reporter January 29, 2023

IUS Students had opportunities this month for question-and-answer sessions of the two finalists vying to replace Chancellor Ray Wallace, who died in 2021. One was a familiar name: Kelly Ryan, who has...

Ian proudly displaying the water bottle he fought so hard to win!

Horizon’s not so Trivial Pursuits: The Quest for the Water Bottle 

Ian McDermott and Kara Wright December 5, 2022

The Anonymous Manatees had one goal.  Our team came to win.  And we did!  At first, we felt like fish out of water. We were among the first to arrive at the end-of-semester event – a trivia...

A student learns that the 12 year-old she is playing in the simulation is pregnant.

The World in Your Backyard: How Attending a Refugee Simulation Opened My Eyes

Kara Wright November 21, 2022

How many – or few – refugees have actually resettled in the United States?  I like to believe I’m well-educated and informed.   So when that innocuous question was posed, I thought the number...

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