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Photo taken by Doyle Adams. Photo courtesy of Michelle DeWitt.

COVID-19 impacts Borden’s Polar Plunge this year

Kappa Sigma's involvement in Borden's Polar Plunge is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic
Jamie Krueger, Staff Reporter February 26, 2021

Borden’s Polar Plunge looked different this year due to COVID-19 policies that made it more socially distant.  To ensure the safety of participants, Polar Plunge coordinators enforced procedures...

IU minimum wage increase benefits some, but not all

IU minimum wage increase benefits some, but not all

IU decides to raise the minimum wage for hourly employees, but it has some limitations
Caleb Stultz, Staff Reporter February 18, 2021

Hourly employees at IU Southeast have been paid above the national minimum wage for the past seven years. Compared to the national minimum wage of $7.25, IUS and other colleges in Indiana are now paying...

What life looks like for those living in the lodges this semester

What life looks like for those living in the lodges this semester

COVID-19 has made living on campus a little bit different than in previous years
Jamie Krueger, Staff Reporter February 11, 2021

Living on campus for IU Southeast students is looking different this semester. From decreased networking events to increased COVID-19 testing, IUS students have had to learn to adapt to the new challenges...

Charles Lauffer, an IUS senior majoring in theater.

Student-written play produced on main stage for first time in decade

Charles Lauffer’s play "Bittersweet Hard Candy" is to be produced on the Robinson Stage this spring
Garland Noel, Staff Reporter February 10, 2021

The scene shop is relatively packed. Ten or more people are rotating in and out, working on everything from carpentry to hot gluing glitter on fake flowers. There’s glitter everywhere, and while the...

Graphic by Sydney Randall.

Declining mental health, increased stress due to the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact local college students

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused multiple students to struggle with maintaining their typical mental health and stress levels
Rachel Miller, Staff Reporter February 5, 2021

When IU Southeast extended its 2020 spring break, students thought they would only be gone from campus for a short time.  “We all thought it was going to be just two weeks,” said Whitney Brunson,...

Graphic created by Sydney Randall.

IU’s decision to remove spring break concerns, relieves students on campus

Indiana University modified the spring 2021 academic calendar by eliminating spring break to help reduce the spread of COVID-19
Jamie Krueger, Staff Reporter January 29, 2021

The spring semester at IU Southeast may look and feel different this year. After careful consideration, IU officials made the decision to remove spring break from the academic calendar. The change was...

IUS Spectrum Logo

IUS Spectrum prepares to host virtual Friendsgiving

IUS Spectrum club held a meeting Wednesday to discuss their Friendsgiving happening on Wednesday and their plans for the Spring 2021 semester
Emily Owen, Staff Writer November 16, 2020

IU Southeast’s Spectrum club, formerly known as the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA), is hosting a virtual Friendsgiving event Nov. 18 on Zoom for their annual service project. IUS students are able to...

Professor Ashley Wallace teaches her Acting One course in the Robinson Theater, which has been reformatted for COVID-19. Each student has their own six foot circle to move and act in, with the stage allowing for a group of up to twelve students to share the space while still practicing physical distancing. Here the students are performing a cold read of their upcoming final scenes.

Ogle Center and theatre department transition to new model for COVID-19

Due to COVID-19 guidelines, the Ogle Center and IUS theatre department underwent serious changes
Garland Noel, Staff Writer November 11, 2020

Though COVID-19 seems to have drained the life from most of the buildings on campus, the Ogle Center still has a quiet thrum of energy beneath the surface as the theatre department continues as normally...

Hillside Hall file photo.

IU Southeast School of Business to release 2021 Economic Outlook, seniors face employment uncertainty

Professor Uric Dufrene is set to present the 2021 Economic Outlook soon and seniors from IU Southeast and Purdue are beginning to wonder about the state of the job market after commencement
Garland Noel, Staff Writer November 11, 2020

The streets of Louisville bustle with more life than they have in months due to, it seems, a feeling that this very difficult year will soon be behind us, leaving many with an uncertain hope for a brighter...

A photo taken of the Coming Together virtual event. Rhonda Wrzenski spoke about the different types of fraud that can occur in elections.

IUS faculty discuss 2020 election uncertainty

Emily Owen, Staff Writer November 6, 2020

IU Southeast faculty members Michael Day, Rhonda Wrzenski, Joe Wert, and Adam Maksl discussed the 2020 Election in a public forum on Wednesday. IUS faculty met virtually at the “Coming Together Event”...

File photo of IUS Ogle Center.

IUS Writing Center sees increased traffic during COVID-19

The Writing Center created more ways for students to engage and utilize it more remotely
Emily Owen, Staff Writer October 30, 2020

The IU Southeast Writing Center made changes this semester to accommodate students’ schedules by adding more appointment types, due to COVID-19, and is encouraging ways for students to get involved in...

File photo.

IUS Student Government continues to meet in-person, but has low student participation

The SGA has still been working to pass recommendations and recently voted on a recommendation to mark the names of each campus building on the buildings’ exterior doors.
Erik Hackman, Staff Writer October 28, 2020

The IU Southeast Student Government Association has continued to meet in-person during the fall semester, a time when the student engagement required to run such an organization has been uncharacteristically...

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