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Horizon columnist reviews new Forza Horizon 5

Caleb Stultz, Staff Reporter December 1, 2021

When it comes to an open-world experience in an all-wheel or rear-wheel drive two-ton machine, no one does it better than Forza. With over 10 million players already in the game, Xbox Studios has hit the...

IUS Students should trust The Horizon for their news

IUS Students should trust The Horizon for their news

Erik Hackman, Staff Reporter November 15, 2021

Two truths and a lie. The ice breaker game makes me want to groan just thinking about playing it.  The reason I hate it? I’m terrible at lying. So when one of my professors asked my classmates...

Pikmin Bloom pollinates app stores with new adventures

Pikmin Bloom pollinates app stores with new adventures

Sam Haney, Art & Graphics Editor November 13, 2021

A new Nintendo app craze hit the app store this month.  From the developers who made Pokemon Go, Niantic has pushed out Pikmin Bloom. This app is a mixture of Pokemon Go and the series Pikmin, all...

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R. Kelly’s victims received justice, but what about others?

Gracie Vanover, Editor-in-Chief October 4, 2021

Do you ever mindlessly flip through Netflix or Hulu until you find something intriguing like maybe a new true crime drama or possibly a celebrity allegations documentary? Well back in the early parts of...

Post-pandemic mental health needs more attention on campus – here’s why.

The Horizon Editorial Board August 1, 2021

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the mental health of students everywhere. The isolation enforced by quarantine, the lack of socialization due to online classes and the increased...

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10 ways to keep away stress while keeping your sanity in college

Rachel Miller, Staff Reporter August 1, 2021

As high school seniors prepare to become college freshmen, feelings of anxiety and stress over the unknown “college experience” will arise. Freshman are immensely excited to have the opportunity to...

The front of Parlour Pizza. Photo by Garland Noel.

Nostalgic pizza meets unique flair in Downtown New Albany

Garland Noel, Staff Reporter August 1, 2021

When Wick’s Pizza closed the doors of their New Albany location, which had been a hotspot for IU Southeast students to hang out, it looked like locals were losing a piece of history. From Harvest Homecoming...

The exterior of the IUS library. Photo by John Clere.

Top 5 Things You Should Know About the IU Southeast Library

Emily Owen, Content Editor August 1, 2021

The IU Southeast library has a lot to offer IUS students. From the quiet study spaces to being able to ask for any type of help with an assignment, there’s something for everyone. The following five...

Tips from those that have been there, done that

Tips from those that have been there, done that

Kat Lynn, Staff Reporter August 1, 2021

College can be intimidating and hard to navigate especially when you’ve never done it before. As a senior, I have seen and done it all. Here are some tips for college from IU Southeast alumni and senior...

10 places to visit in southern Indiana before you graduate

10 places to visit in southern Indiana before you graduate

Jamie Krueger, Staff Reporter August 1, 2021

New to campus? This one’s for you! College can be a hard transition for new students, but it can be even more difficult for students that are new to the area. Although living in a new city can be intimidating,...

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5 ways IU Southeast can support students of color and their mental health

Chabeli Araujo-Hernandez and Ericia Henry June 1, 2021

There is a small percentage of students of color on campus at IU Southeast and the university still lacks culturally diverse mental health professionals within the resources that are provided to them on...

Graphic by Janelle Amy.

5 reasons why students with depression don’t seek help

Janelle Amy, Amaya Hollins, and Kenneth Mudd June 1, 2021

An overall decline in mental health is on the rise due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Students with depression are among those facing a decline in their mental health. Despite needing or wanting to seek help,...

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