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A student learns that the 12 year-old she is playing in the simulation is pregnant.

The World in Your Backyard: How Attending a Refugee Simulation Opened My Eyes

Kara Wright November 21, 2022

How many – or few – refugees have actually resettled in the United States?  I like to believe I’m well-educated and informed.   So when that innocuous question was posed, I thought the number...

Travels of a Timid Scholar

Travels of a Timid Scholar

Ian McDermott, Staff Writer November 14, 2022

My excitement at traveling was replaced with a mix of fear and uncertainty as I left my father and brother.   A mile-long line of people in front of me. Another line behind me.  Worse, I was alone.  Would...

Can we stop the homophobia?

Can we stop the homophobia?

Gracie Vanover, Editor-in-Chief April 22, 2022

For decades, allies and members of the LGBTQ+ community have been fighting for equality. And over the last ten years we were doing great. Legalizing gay marriage. Making Stonewall a national monument....

CRU continues to provide a Christian support network for IU Southeast students

CRU continues to provide a Christian support network for IU Southeast students

Hannah Powell, Staff Reporter April 18, 2022

CRU at IUS, a campus group that’s founded in the worldwide Christian organization, lives out its mission as a caring community and passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ and telling His story. CRU...

My farewell address to IU Southeast

My farewell address to IU Southeast

Skyler Switzer, Staff Reporter April 12, 2022

My time here has felt like an eternity but also felt like less than a minute.  As I start out my farewell, I need to give credit where credit is most due. A big thank you must be given to my peers,...

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

Debra Clem, Reader March 3, 2022

I am writing this letter as someone who has known Dr. Anne Allen for more than 25 years as both a colleague and a friend. Dr. Allen has been one of the hardest working and most ethical colleagues I have...

The identity crisis of The Book of Boba Fett

The identity crisis of “The Book of Boba Fett”

Erik Hackman, Staff Reporter February 25, 2022

Boba Fett, a name that strikes fear into his bounties, a name that even Sith Lords know, but most of all, a name that every Star Wars fan knows. Disney finally gave Boba Fett his own show and it is...

Photo courtesy of Actors Theatre of Louisville.

Actors Theatre of Louisville’s “Every Brilliant Thing” tackles tragedy with poise

Gracie Vanover, Editor-in-Chief February 11, 2022

Gracie Vanover is a junior and journalism major at Indiana University Southeast where she is editor of The Horizon newspaper. Vanover reviewed “Every Brilliant Thing” as a reporter in the Arts Bureau...

Horizon columnist reviews new Forza Horizon 5

Caleb Stultz, Staff Reporter December 1, 2021

When it comes to an open-world experience in an all-wheel or rear-wheel drive two-ton machine, no one does it better than Forza. With over 10 million players already in the game, Xbox Studios has hit the...

IUS students should trust The Horizon for their news

IUS students should trust The Horizon for their news

Erik Hackman, Staff Reporter November 15, 2021

Two truths and a lie. The ice breaker game makes me want to groan just thinking about playing it.  The reason I hate it? I’m terrible at lying. So when one of my professors asked my classmates...

Pikmin Bloom pollinates app stores with new adventures

Pikmin Bloom pollinates app stores with new adventures

Sam Haney, Art & Graphics Editor November 13, 2021

A new Nintendo app craze hit the app store this month.  From the developers who made Pokemon Go, Niantic has pushed out Pikmin Bloom. This app is a mixture of Pokemon Go and the series Pikmin, all...

Photo from Adobe Stock

R. Kelly’s victims received justice, but what about others?

Gracie Vanover, Editor-in-Chief October 4, 2021

Do you ever mindlessly flip through Netflix or Hulu until you find something intriguing like maybe a new true crime drama or possibly a celebrity allegations documentary? Well back in the early parts of...

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