So many opinions, so little time

A nice, long stretch feels good, doesn’t it?

The same goes for a belly rub from someone who truly cares, right?

The opportunity to voice opinions isn’t any different. Not every country enjoys the sort of press freedoms that ours does. Not every U.S. university’s student body enjoys the wide expanse of free expression that ours does.

We explored that realm constantly this school year. At times it was relating campus news, such as The Commons cafeteria reopening a few hours a week, which reminded seniors of pre-pandemic life. Or, publicizing the names of finalists for campus chancellor. Other times it was analyzing what a struggling pro sports team like the Indiana Pacers can do during the offseason to quickly reverse its underachieving on the court.

We humans don’t enjoy being told “no.” It can be banning certain books from our libraries and from our classrooms, or being pressured to feel less than proud of being a college student, no matter how long it has taken us to push ourselves toward that seemingly elusive bachelors degree. And who says competing in beauty pageants is a waste of time?

We don’t like frustration either. At times it’s figuring out how to brew an affordable cup of gourmet coffee that quenches our Starbucks craving. Other times it’s that too-familiar sense of helplessness over yet another mass shooting, this one in our backyard.

So we cherish the chance to voice our opinions, to politely disagree with a colleague, to reverse popular stereotypes, but most of all to call for change. Kara Wright’s opinion piece about refugee experiences impressed a contest judge so much that it won honors in the most recent Indiana Collegiate Press Association annual competition.

Freedom of the press is the bedrock of any democracy. Without it, the people have no voice.

Thanks so much for coming along for the ride this semester. A shout-out to our freelance contributors along with contributors and their classmates who gave consent to publish their stories.

We will close – for now! – with a timely news piece from freelance contributor Gracie Kaine.

Kara                                                                                                   Dawson

Crystal                                                                                              Madison

Ian                                                                                                      Alyssa

Becca                                                                                                 Stevie

Caden                                                                                                Anessa

Tyler                                                                                                  Chelsey

Nick                                                                                                    Josh

Jen                                                                                                      Lydia