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Embedded: The Untold Story of First Generation Students

Breaking Barriers & Contributing to an Educational Revolution
Mackenzie Kaskie, Contributor May 3, 2021

Hello, fellow Grenadiers! This story is for those of you who have dealt with the same circumstances and the same struggles: Silence, strife, and survival. When I applied to college as a first-generation...


Students, staff recommend their favorite hangout spots, restaurants near IUS

The variety of locations around campus will have something for everyone
Garland Noel and Aubryn Crotchett May 2, 2021

With Indiana lifting their mask mandate, IU Southeast signaling a return to “normal” this semester, and vaccinations increasing, students new and old will be returning to campus for classes and maybe...

Graphic by Garland Noel.

IUS student housing planning for return to activities, socialization in the fall 2021 semester

Things may feel a bit more like normal for students living on campus during the fall
Garland Noel and Aubryn Crotchett May 2, 2021

The halls of Meadow Lodge are dead quiet, and the communal great room is completely devoid of people, despite the mid-day sun streaming through the windows and the number of comfortable chairs strewn about...

Graphic by Garland Noel.

IUS staff, administration hopeful to resume “normal” functions in Fall 2021, prospective students in suspense

While IUS has announced a “return to normal” like the 2019 fall semester, no concrete answers have been released for new and returning students
Garland Noel, Staff Reporter May 2, 2021

After a senior year of hybrid schooling at Floyd Central High School, Aidan Dethy sits at his computer, plugging away at his freshman class schedule before his first semester at IU Southeast. All of his...

80/20 at Kaelin’s in a local landmark in the Highlands area of Louisville, with a beautiful view of the neighborhood and an old school diner aesthetic. The building was first turned into a restaurant in 1934 by a local couple and has been home to a few firsts in Kentucky’s history. Photo by Garland Noel.

IUS Horizon seniors share their favorite places to relax, hangout in Kentuckiana

Four local hangouts you might have missed
Garland Noel and Aubryn Crotchett May 2, 2021

Even after four or more years on campus, it’s nearly impossible for even IUS seniors to know all the best spots off campus, especially after the toll COVID has taken on nearby businesses and attractions...

Graphic by Garland Noel.

How students can find alternative housing options near campus

These three apartment complexes allow for students to live off-campus but still close enough for comfort
Aubryn Crotchett, Staff Reporter May 2, 2021

As more students return to campus, there is a possibility that residence housing could fill quickly. For those who would like a backup to residence housing or want to skip the residence housing experience...

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash.

You are not alone: A guide to a successful study abroad experience at IUS

These four tips will help any international student who is new to the IU Southeast campus
Maho Sato, Contributor May 1, 2021

The American Dream might be an obsolete expression used to describe the possibilities and opportunities that American society offered for those moving into the country seeking advanced social mobility....

Graphic by Kat Lynn.

Non-Traditional Students Make Their Mark

IU Southeast alumni give their advice and experience as adult students
Jamie Krueger and Kat Lynn April 30, 2021

IU Southeast welcomes over 4,000 students every year, but not all of those attending classes are your average student. Adult students make up roughly 22.7% of IU Southeast’s undergraduate population,...

IUS's First Generation Students

IUS’s First Generation Students

First-generation students at IU Southeast may feel like they're struggling at times, but campus organizations offer support and encouragement for those who need it
Skyler Switzer, Contributor April 30, 2021

Doing things for the first time in our lives is always a little scary. Whether it be a first kiss, your first job, your first adult purchase or even trying sushi for the first time, these things always...

David Domine (right) and a group of his students eat at a restaurant in Munich, Germany on the Paris-Munich KIIS winter trip. Photo provided by David Domine.

Guten Tag, Grenadiers: The benefits and advantages of taking German at IUS

A look into why IUS students should care about taking German courses
Sydney Randall and Caleb Stultz April 30, 2021

Imagine living in a German-speaking country like Germany, Austria or Switzerland and making a previously unknown country your home and flawlessly blending in with the locals. Now imagine immersing yourself...

IUS Spanish professor Mindy Badia (right) poses in the classroom with two of her students. Photo provided by Mindy Badia.

Mucho gusto, Grenadiers: Why students should consider taking Spanish at IUS

The most common language to take at IUS can also be the most beneficial one
Sydney Randall and Caleb Stultz April 30, 2021

A young woman once took a trip to Madrid, not knowing the adventure that awaited her. While visiting an old friend, she was whisked away on a journey to help find her friend’s father. She traveled to...

IU Southeast French professor Charles Pooser (right) and two French Club members make traditional hats called coiffes. Photo provided by Charles Pooser.

Enchanté, Grenadiers: Why IUS students should consider taking French

One of the most common languages around the world can be learned without straying too far from home
Caleb Stultz and Sydney Randall April 30, 2021

While taking a trip to North Africa, one American man who studied French would never expect how it would impact his life forever.  After arriving in North Africa, an area dominated by the French language,...

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