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So many opinions, so little time

So many opinions, so little time

May 28, 2023

A nice, long stretch feels good, doesn’t it? The same goes for a belly rub from someone who truly cares, right? The opportunity to voice opinions isn’t any different. Not every country enjoys...

Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell

Bringing Oldies Back

Chelsey Elswick and Madison A. Miller April 24, 2023

The clothes from your grandparents and parents' closets are making a comeback.  Bell bottoms, mullets, and baggy clothing are all debuting again in modern fashion. Whether it’s through mixing these...

Back row, from left, Dannon Olsen, Jacob Bifone, Rose Stamper. Front row, from left, Elena Jablonski, Carson Price, Dylan Mapp, Devon Fields.

Luscious Lobster Lingers Longingly in Lively Leadership Conference

Elena Jablonski, Freelance Contributor April 21, 2023

The sad moment of truth came when Student Government Association President Dannon Olsen frantically rolled down the passenger window of our seven-seat van in the middle of traffic and stuck his head out. His...

Breaking Free from the Bondage of Browsing

Breaking Free from the Bondage of Browsing

Alyssa Hill April 19, 2023

As college students, our time is taken up by classes, jobs, and relationships; but, what if, for some, our biggest time drainers are our phones? While this may not be a problem for some people, it really...

Snow day at Clark Park by ceg is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Snowed in, But Not Shut Out: Are Snow Days Gone Forever?

Nick Dentinger, Staff Reporter April 15, 2023

As a student, the snow day used to be a magical day that I looked forward to every winter. It was a day to sleep in, spend time with friends, and play in the snow. However, in recent years, the traditional...

Hazel contemplating a crime

Purr-fection Personified: Why Cats Crush Canines as Pets

Tyler Eversole, Editor April 7, 2023

The topic of whether cats or dogs make better pets is quite a contentious one, and I'm sure most people have heard heated debates regarding which pet is the best. Yet, in my opinion, it’s not even a...

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Spring Break ’23

Caden Gorin, Staffer April 5, 2023

Spring Break   Spring Break! The highlight of a long second semester. And for some, the highlight of the year. Spring Break also symbolically starts the countdown to the last day of school. Just a...

Alyssa Hill, left, around age 3, with her mother.

College Grief: The Struggle to Keep Moving When Time Stops

Alyssa Hill, Staff March 29, 2023

College is a time when some people begin to form closer connections with their parents. As we grow out of our rebellious, angsty teenage phase and get hit with the reality of adulthood, we begin to respect...

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Nickolaus Hayes, Reader March 8, 2023

March Madness is one of the most exciting sporting events of the year. However, it exposes fans and students to the negative influence of drinking alcohol in excess. There are significant dangers with...

An Online-Only Student’s Take on Online School

An Online-Only Student’s Take on Online School

Becca Henderson, Staff Reporter March 5, 2023

About 1,000 IUS students each semester learn strictly online. I am part of that statistic.  After deciding to take a third and final try at college, I enrolled at Jefferson Community and Technical...

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Swifting Through Taylor’s Discography

Alyssa Hill March 1, 2023

It has been four months, one week, four days, and sixteen hours since Taylor Swift released her Midnights album, and I’m still disappointed in it. I had hoped that time would heal my wounds, but no....

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Zombies or LGBTQ+ People: Which is Scarier?

Alyssa Hill February 27, 2023

The Last of Us television adaptation has taken the world by storm in all its apocalyptic glory (or should I say “gore-y?”). As someone who has played and watched people play the action-adventure video...

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