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Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell

Bringing Oldies Back

Chelsey Elswick and Madison A. Miller April 24, 2023

The clothes from your grandparents and parents' closets are making a comeback.  Bell bottoms, mullets, and baggy clothing are all debuting again in modern fashion. Whether it’s through mixing these...

Dragon Age and the Reality of Religion

Dragon Age and the Reality of Religion

Madison A. Miller April 24, 2023

What if Christianity was founded by Joan of Arc instead of Jesus? What if the Greek gods were just powerful demigods who ruled over people? What if ancient Sumerian gods were plague bearers who spread...

A personal touch, with love

Alyssa Hill is Just Wrong

Madison A. Miller April 24, 2023

I didn’t grow up listening to Taylor Swift but did find comfort in her songs when a friend introduced me to her music. Eventually, I found even more comfort when said friend stabbed me in the back. Swift’s...

The Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby

Caden Gorin April 24, 2023

The Kentucky Derby, arguably the official start to Summer, is only two weeks away! The eyes of the world will hover over Louisville to witness this spectacular sporting event once again. There will be...

One of the moon pictures I had taken with my Samsung.

The Smartphone Showdown

Chelsey Elswick, Staff Reporter April 19, 2023

Samsung or iPhone? Which is superior?    For a long time, I thought iPhone was better.   I picked up extra shifts at my Starbucks barista job and saved as much as possible to afford an iPhone...

Roasted coffee beans by AndreasPoike is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

The At-Home Coffee Survival Guide 

Jen Anderson, Staff Reporter April 6, 2023

How can a college student enjoy good coffee in their dorm or apartment without breaking the bank?  While coffee houses and restaurants often have big, fancy machines with five-digit price tags, here...

Creative Commons

Swifting Through Taylor’s Discography

Alyssa Hill March 1, 2023

It has been four months, one week, four days, and sixteen hours since Taylor Swift released her Midnights album, and I’m still disappointed in it. I had hoped that time would heal my wounds, but no....

Creative Commons

Zombies or LGBTQ+ People: Which is Scarier?

Alyssa Hill February 27, 2023

The Last of Us television adaptation has taken the world by storm in all its apocalyptic glory (or should I say “gore-y?”). As someone who has played and watched people play the action-adventure video...

Courtesy of Southeast Sound

An Echo of the Past: Southeast Sound

Madison A. Miller February 8, 2023

IUS basketball games sport more than just hoops. Students get free admission, and this year, the band continues playing pep tunes to set the fun mood. But for the Southeast Sound, this opportunity is slowly...

Ready for it? IUS Students Curious about Taylor Swift Course

Kara Wright and Ian McDermott September 12, 2022

Love her? Hate her?  Everyone knows who Taylor Swift is.  The internet has countless ways to satisfy your inner Swiftie. Want to buy the singer-songwriter’s newest merch? Or see the latest...

IU Southeast’s concert choir takes a new twist

IU Southeast’s concert choir takes a new twist

Hannah Powell, Staff Reporter April 26, 2022

Many performances have been directed in the past at IUS. But recently, the concert choir’s self-directed performance had a new twist.  The IUS concert choir, made up entirely of students, created...

Wayward Blue Jays will be nesting in your playlists

Wayward Blue Jays will be nesting in your playlists

Erik Hackman, Staff Reporter April 20, 2022

During the pandemic, many people were locked in their homes, but a group of college students started making music to help get them through it. This is how Wayward Blue Jays started. The members would...

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