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Ready for it? IUS Students Curious about Taylor Swift Course

Kara Wright and Ian McDermott September 12, 2022

Love her? Hate her?  Everyone knows who Taylor Swift is.  The internet has countless ways to satisfy your inner Swiftie. Want to buy the singer-songwriter’s newest merch? Or see the latest...

IU Southeast’s concert choir takes a new twist

IU Southeast’s concert choir takes a new twist

Hannah Powell, Staff Reporter April 26, 2022

Many performances have been directed in the past at IUS. But recently, the concert choir’s self-directed performance had a new twist.  The IUS concert choir, made up entirely of students, created...

Wayward Blue Jays will be nesting in your playlists

Wayward Blue Jays will be nesting in your playlists

Erik Hackman, Staff Reporter April 20, 2022

During the pandemic, many people were locked in their homes, but a group of college students started making music to help get them through it. This is how Wayward Blue Jays started. The members would...

The identity crisis of The Book of Boba Fett

The identity crisis of “The Book of Boba Fett”

Erik Hackman, Staff Reporter February 25, 2022

Boba Fett, a name that strikes fear into his bounties, a name that even Sith Lords know, but most of all, a name that every Star Wars fan knows. Disney finally gave Boba Fett his own show and it is...

Photo courtesy of Actors Theatre of Louisville.

Actors Theatre of Louisville’s “Every Brilliant Thing” tackles tragedy with poise

Gracie Vanover, Editor-in-Chief February 11, 2022

Gracie Vanover is a junior and journalism major at Indiana University Southeast where she is editor of The Horizon newspaper. Vanover reviewed “Every Brilliant Thing” as a reporter in the Arts Bureau...

IUS sophomore Luke Spine in his promotional album photoshoot. Photo provided by Luke Spine and shot by Amanda Hart Photography.

Slashes, new album from IUS sophomore, is truly expansive

Erik Hackman, Staff Reporter December 3, 2021

A codependent relationship is a struggle for anyone to deal with. “Slashes,” a new album from IUS sophomore Luke Spine, portrays the story of a couple going through this type of relationship and...

Horizon columnist reviews new Forza Horizon 5

Caleb Stultz, Staff Reporter December 1, 2021

When it comes to an open-world experience in an all-wheel or rear-wheel drive two-ton machine, no one does it better than Forza. With over 10 million players already in the game, Xbox Studios has hit the...

Pikmin Bloom pollinates app stores with new adventures

Pikmin Bloom pollinates app stores with new adventures

Sam Haney, Art & Graphics Editor November 13, 2021

A new Nintendo app craze hit the app store this month.  From the developers who made Pokemon Go, Niantic has pushed out Pikmin Bloom. This app is a mixture of Pokemon Go and the series Pikmin, all...

Theater at IUS is back, for free. ‘Proof’ it!

Theater at IUS is back, for free. ‘Proof’ it!

Rachel Harris, Staff Reporter November 5, 2021

Catherine’s life is rough. At 25, she is fighting to prove her father’s ownership of a mathematical proof found in his office, while also battling her greatest fear of being driven to death by madness...

Photo provided by the Sanders Speaker Series.

Ken Jennings’ arrival excites IUS

Thomas Kalonji, Staff Reporter November 3, 2021

He used to find the answer to the question behind the screen, but now ‘Jeopardy!’ champ Ken Jennings is coming to IUS to tell students and staff what was happening behind the scenes. And his arrival...

International ‘Squid Game’ draws local IUS students’ attention

International ‘Squid Game’ draws local IUS students’ attention

Caleb Stultz, Staff Reporter October 25, 2021

Students at Indiana University Southeast, like many others around the world, have their own thoughts about the critically acclaimed and wildly popular “Squid Game” on Netflix.  Ethan Kruer, a senior...

Director Philip Thomas leads the band during their practice on Sept. 23

‘Good for our souls’: After lockdown, IUS’ concert band is back

Erik Hackman, Staff Reporter October 7, 2021

After a year-and-a-half of waiting, the bands of Indiana University Southeast are making their comeback to the Ogle Center. Now that IUS has allowed people back on campus while wearing masks, the performing...

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