The Kentucky Derby

Caden Gorin

The Kentucky Derby, arguably the official start to Summer, is only two weeks away! The eyes of the world will hover over Louisville to witness this spectacular sporting event once again. There will be twenty-five horses racing in this year’s Derby, all chasing the coveted triple crown. Forte, the winner of the Florida Derby, is the favorite to win at 5-2 odds. Meanwhile, Tapit Trice has 11-1 odds since he just won the Bluegrass Stakes at Keeneland in Lexington, Kentucky.  

Not only is the Kentucky Derby known for horse racing, but it’s also known as a fashion event that brings some high-profile people to the Derby such as Queen Elizabeth II in 2007. Vineyard Vines is the official style of the Kentucky Derby, and they have their own clothing brand dedicated to this event. Vineyard Vines is known for being bright and fashionable, which is what the Kentucky Derby is all about when it comes to the fashion aspect. A lot of women will wear bright dresses and big hats while the men will wear a bright or a form-fitting suit. I have never attended the Kentucky Derby, but I have been to the Kentucky Oaks a few times, which is held the day before and at the same venue as the Derby, that being Churchill Downs. The couple of times that I have been, I wore a suit with colorful shoes. The right shoe was green, and the left shoe was blue. A lot of people get creative with their style, and I find a lot of it absolutely mesmerizing.  

Lots of famous people from all over the world will travel to Kentucky to be a part of the Kentucky Derby. Some of these people include Tom Brady, George Strait, Kim Kardashian, Margot Robbie and so on. Having lived in Kentuckiana my whole life, I find it so cool and fascinating when they come to Louisville. All the celebrities who attend the Kentucky Derby will more than likely attend the Barnstable Brown party which is the night before the Derby. This party is open to the public, but the tickets are always super expensive. The cheapest ticket for this year’s Barnstable Brown party is $1,400. 

The Kentucky Derby is always a great time for Kentuckiana. The derby ties the whole community together as a lot of people will host Derby parties at their homes. I’ve been to a lot of Derby parties, and they are fun. Just sit back, relax, and hope that you win money.