Floyd’s Fresh Faces


Crystal Sexton Poates, Staff Reporter

As an IUS student, it is important to know where you can grab an affordable, quick bite to eat, where to go for entertainment, and where to shop for necessities. Whether you are looking for a new place to shop, dine, complete your financial needs, or find a job to offset college expenses, there is a spark of new growth in Floyd County.    

According to the 2020 Census, New Albany is home to approximately 37,000 people. Development is taking place with new construction. Not only is it important for tax revenue, economic growth, and new jobs, but it also gives students and other residents more choices. Development is taking shape in Clark County as well.  

In recent years, Clark County has obtained new franchises such as Torchy’s and Bubba’s 33. Currently, the popular chain restaurant, Drake’s, is under construction. Also, in Jeffersonville, the popular new franchise, Crumbl Cookies came back in August 2022. The infamous Crumbl Cookies, which is popular among college age students, can be found on 10th St. in Jeffersonville. Updates on business growth for Jeffersonville can be found on the mayor’s official Facebook page, Jeffersonville Mayor’s Office.  

In comparison to neighboring county development, Floyd County is not occupying the larger, more economically desirable retail and restaurant development. 

“Floyd County is smaller in population and geography,” said Dr. Uric Dufrene, the IUS professor who holds the Sanders Chair in Business. “So, on a per capita basis, there will be more commercial establishments in Clark County.”  

Instead, Floyd County is investing in their riverfront and the Ohio River Greenway. The Greenway allows for trails, hiking and biking on a corridor connecting neighborhoods.  

According to the City of New Albany Government Facebook page, there are multiple businesses under construction—or have already been built. Despite the loss of Toppt Pizza on Charlestown Road, the German American Bank and a Starbucks are scheduled to open in the coming weeks in storefronts also on Charlestown Road. Located at 2137 State Street near the Target shopping center, construction is underway and will house a Chipotle and Panera, among other outlets.    

On the other side of State Street from Target, the Office Depot has closed. T.J. Maxx, a popular discount department store, will replace Office Depot. T.J. Maxx is one of the largest clothing retailers in the United States.  

Downtown New Albany is currently improving streets and access to several popular commercial storefronts. Recently, New Albany Mayor Jeff Gahan has welcomed Royal Couture Treats downtown on Pearl Street. It sells cupcakes, cakes, and other sweets. The dessert store can be found inside MESA, an incubator on Pearl Street. They are open Wednesday through Sunday. Downtown New Albany hosts several established restaurants as well, such as The Exchange and Dragon Kings Daughter. The newest locally owned restaurant, Outcast Fish and Oyster Bar, opened in February according to Develop New Albany

If ever in doubt over what to do on date night, GoSoIN is a tourist information center that provides up-to-date information on local restaurants and other service-related industries. They have their own website but can also be found on social media.  

Spring will bring more than flowers blooming. Our community will see more options for dining, retail, and other opportunities like new jobs.