Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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Boys just want to have fun, too

Too often I hear people say something along the lines of “in order to be happy, I must be in a relationship.” That is far from the truth. Sure, having someone you can call and go home to and cuddle with is an amazing thing; however, people do not need a relationship to have a happy, meaningful life. Read More »

This is government, not business

As a male, gay, lower-class, college student, I am clearly not voting for Gov. Mitt Romney this election. He has no actual plan for how he would make the country better, does not care about almost half of the country and does not support something very important to me — marriage equality. He disgusts me, and I do not know what is worse — the fact that he is a presidential candidate or the fact that he has such a strong following. Romney is not a politician. He is a business man. Countries cannot be ran like businesses. Read More »

Bullying hurts everyone, never right answer

October is bullying prevention month, and, quite frankly, bullying disgusts me to the fullest extent. Bullying hits a soft spot for me because, not only have I been through it and helped my friends and family deal with it, but I have lost friends because of it. There is never a time when bullying should be considered OK. Even between two friends, it can still be taken too far and hurt one, if not both, of them. Read More »

IUS Police continue music; lets DJ play

The Multi-cultural Student Union’s first event, The Dance of Cultures, was almost shut down in the first 40 minutes due to loud music and disrespect on Sept. 20 at the IUS Lake. Travis Huntley, IUS Police officer, and Monica Wise, IUS Police sergeant, went to the IUS Lake to ask the master of ceremonies, DJ NERDD BOI, to turn the music down. “We got a complaint,” Wise said. “When I was walking by Hillside Hall, I heard loud music. [Huntley] responded first.” Read More »

Unnecessary loans offer no limits, endless IOUs

So far in my collegiate career, I have racked up a tab of more than $12,000 made payable to the Department of Education — a tab that is continuously increasing and will probably be owed for the majority of my life. The current amount of debt I have collected in four years is not as high as most students because I qualify for Pell Grants and supplements from the state. Luckily enough for me, I have poor parents, which qualifies me for federal assistance. Read More »

GSA notes acceptance of campus sexuality

IU Bloomington received a five out of five for being accepting of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual students and staff members, according to their website on LGBT-Friendly Campus Climate Index. Of the various campuses, IU Southeast is not listed on the site. However, since IU Bloomington and IU Southeast are part of the same system, IU Southeast has a lot of resources for LBGT students and mirrors Bloomington. Read More »

Thinking thwarts tasteless, trivial tattoos

Tattoos can be an awesome way of showing the world who a person is and expressing oneself in a permanent way. However, thought and time are required in getting one. Tattoos are good to have because a person only lives once and only has one body, so why not make it his own? Tattoos can mean things to the people who get them; however, not all of them do mean something. Sometimes it is just art or an act of stupidity. Read More »

Editor appreciates differences, various interests

I like Lady Gaga and watch “Glee,” but some people think only homosexuals or girls like those shows or artists — both of which I am not. A person should not be close-minded to things that are not in mainstream just because they are rather controversial. Do not judge the people who watch or listen to them because of what society thinks about them. Read More »

Editor implores students to appreciate life

The recent deaths of Whitney Houston and many other celebrities throughout the past few years have shown how much people do not care until someone is gone. I know plenty of people who had no idea who Houston was until they heard the news of her death. Then, all of a sudden they are her biggest fans. After celebrities die, their sales and publicity go up. Before Houston’s death, she had not been in the news, and her fan base was the same as ever — people who grew up in the ’80s. Read More »