Thursday, April 17, 2014

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Editor’s life better because of college

What could one possibly think to say to leave a lasting impression on students, faculty and staff at IU Southeast? For me, the experience of having the courage to step foot on a college campus once again says it all. I never told a single soul outside other than my parents that I dropped out of a college two days ... Read More »

Charlie Sheen isn’t winning; just losing

How many chances does one get before management decides to give you the ax? If you’re Charlie Sheen, those chances were endless until recently. Warner Brothers decided to fire Sheen from the popular CBS show “Two and a Half Men,” citing the actor’s dangerous and destructive conduct as one of the many reasons. Since June of last year, the public ... Read More »

Celebrity talent turns into joke

In this day and age, famous is what most people aspire to become. Little talent or knowl- edge is required and money accelerates the level of fame. Erykah Badu, a Grammy-award-win- ning singer, made an excellent point about female artists bypassing the music — selling the image alone. “All you do is show up with your long hair, breasts and ... Read More »

Don’t block my blessings

It’s been a little more than a year since I made a huge decision — a decision which would not only help me find my way, but a decision to never allow anyone to deter me from my dreams. Unlike most, I can say I’ve been blessed to have been around a supportive family and friends who come to my ... Read More »

‘Glee’ stirs up GQ controversy

Sometimes you have to wonder what’s going through the brains of some people. You really have to wonder if common sense is being held hostage by nonsense so it can plot ways to increase stupidity among the American public. During an eventful Sunday afternoon, I noticed news briefs on how parents were outraged at some of the stars from Fox’s blockbuster series “Glee.” Read More »

Don’t pass judgment on gay marriage

Marriage is supposed to be a union where couples share a common bond. Sometimes the bond can mean going through the good, the bad and the ugly to test the true nature of love. Love can mean being in love with someone outside of the same race, and love can be between those of the same gender. California hit a ... Read More »

Discrimination not left in past; still relevant

Since Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous “I Have a Dream” speech in Washington D.C. more than 40 years ago, you’d think people would open up to accepting one another. This new American society proves to be more disconnected with King’s message than ever before. With faith, generations, race and even the first African-American president being elected, one would assume prejudices are slowly fading. Read More »

Time to tough it out

During my life, I’ve seen and done things the average college student has yet to experience. I’ve interned at tropical resorts, worked in the travel industry, worked in restaurants and cleaned nasty buildings. The list goes on. One thing I learned before experiencing this was my parents advice on how working hard has the best benefits. Read More »