Some students do care

IUS Horizon

Dear Editors,
I just want to point out that while Ahlaen Simic’s article was funny, at the same time, it wasn’t exactly factual.  There were 125 caring, concerned, and certainly not apathetic people assembled in the Hoosier Room watching the inauguration. The Zeta Phi Beta Sorority and the College Democrats had fliers up advertising the event, and it was also in that week’s Planet. 

Further, there was a huge cardboard cutout of President Obama standing at the entrance to the Hoosier Room.  

I don’t know what else we could have done to get people’s attention.  There was a huge chalkboard-size corkboard with “INAUGURATION PARTY” and an arrow standing inside The Commons. Everyone was welcome.  

I think if Simic had come to the place where the people who really wanted to watch the inauguration watched it, his observations might have been more positive.
Tamara Davis
IUS College Democrats