Holding down the house

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Between attending classes, working for media services and being the only student representative for the IU Southeast’s diversity council, Deale Houston has a lot more responsibility to take on this year.

Houston, graphic design and computer science sophomore, is the new community adviser for Forest Lodge, but that is not all he contributes to on campus.

He is president of the Gamers Society, is part of the Gay Straight Alliance and volunteers in anything else he can.

Houston’s new role as the CA for Forest Lodge is just another activity to add to his list, except that instead of an activity it is his job.

Houston has had the pleasure of getting to know 74 students that have moved into Forest Lodge.

Amy Kim, Garret Fryer, George Hughes, Josh Garcia and Deale Houston, discuss an upcoming event in Forest Lodge.
Amy Kim, Garret Fryer, George Hughes, Josh Garcia and Deale Houston, discuss an upcoming event in Forest Lodge.

“He is an extremely laid back CA,” Chris Barnes, general studies junior, said.

Houston also has thrown many events for students in Forest Lodge so that they could all get to know each other to create a comfortable living environment.

“I have to watch over them and I try to be as lenient as possible,” Houston said, “but sometimes I have to be the authoritarian and tell them no you cannot do that.”

As a CA, Houston also must post bulletins and reminders for residents and he must enforce to the rules and regulations of the lodge.

Some of the benefits of being a CA are that Houston gets free room and board and a small monthly salary for his duties.

Apart from his regular chaotic schedule, in his spare time, Houston likes drawing, writing and programming. He also enjoys watching animated cartoons and relaxing with what free time he has left.

“The Gamers Society has been recently revived this year,” Houston said. It is his job to gather fellow gamers to play an assortment of video, card and board games.

The Gay-Straight Alliance is a campus organization that has drawn a lot of interest from new and returning students.

It is a resource for students that are gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, bi-curious, trans-gender or may have questions about their sexuality.

The GSA discusses many topics of interest including LGBT issues and various STDs. It is also a program to turn to, if you just need someone to talk to that is dealing related issues.

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