Letter from the editors

Gail Faustyn and Aprile Rickert

Welcome back Grenadiers!

First of all, we would like to wish each and every one of you a great spring semester. As the seasons change, The Horizon will be turning a new leaf as well.

As it stands currently, this semester will feature the biggest staff The Horizon has seen in a while. We want to take advantage of this as much as we can, by making sure the stories you want to hear about are being told.


We are becoming, bigger, faster and stronger and now have three platforms — print, video and online — all incorporated in to one entity. We hope to utilize these platforms to produce more content.

There is a next-to-new editorial staff, who bring with them expertise and enthusiasm that will hopefully show within everything they produce.

Our look is different; broadsheet was so two semesters ago. We’re now considered a tabloid; it’s easier and more fun to read, and most importantly, easier to hold while you fill out the crossword on page 18.

But enough about us. Let’s talk about you.

We want to make this semester all about you. We want to hear from you: Voice your concerns, write a story for us and send us your photos.

If you’re interested in the arts, write a music review. Or if you consider yourself a die-hard sports fan, we would love an opinion on which team is the best and why. If you’re pissed off about something around campus, tell us about it — we’ll sick one of our“watchdogs” on them.

Heck, it never hurts to brush up on those writing skills.

In order to continuously improve, though, we need feedback. If we aren’t meeting your standards let us know.

Just like most of you, we are ambitious students, hoping to learn as much as possible before entering the big, scary world that is the job market.

We hope to leave this place with as many experiences as possible, and we encourage you to do the same.

As the saying goes, “you don’t know until you try,” and honestly that’s become our mantra.We started fresh with The Horizon, and so far, it has only been for the better.

We encourage you to do the same: experience, create and explore. Don’t be afraid to fail if you know you’ve given it your all.

While we may be new to our positions, we’re going into them open-minded and hopeful.

Wishing you all the best,
Gail Faustyn & Aprile Rickert