The Road to independence

Students find that moving out involves more than finding a place to live

Laura Hubrich, Staff

Moving out, whether it’s from a parents’ home or a residence hall, can be stressful on some young adults. However, it can also be a fun, new experience. No matter the reason for moving out, a common theme among many college students is independence.

Jon Larmee, communications sophomore, is planning to move out of his parents’ home in less than a month. He said a big reason he has decided to move in with friends was because of freedom.

Larmee said he is excited for his independence because he believes moving out is a good way for him to better keep up with his daily life.

“I’ve got a younger brother who’s in eighth grade in middle school and I’ll help out my parents, so sometimes that kind of hinders my ability to get school work done and I’d rather just have a quieter environment,” Larmee said.

Larmee said he’s looking forward to the switch of having more of his own personal space.

Moving out on your own may not always be easy, though. Struggles may arise, including finances or even problems with a roommate.

Sarah Schrank, biology junior, moved out of her parents’ home and into a place with a friend. Schrank said she ended up moving out because of problems between her and her roommate.

“We already had some issues between the two of us,” Schrank said. “I am very messy and it was a little hard living with someone who was OCD about cleaning.”

Schrank said that trouble continued to arise when her friend found a new boyfriend. Schrank decided it was best to move home and save her money. However, she plans to save and move out again within the next few years. Her is to talk to any roommates about what each person can expect from the other, anything from cleanliness to paying rent.

Moving out can be exciting, but it is also a process. IU Southeast ACES Intern and University of Louisville higher education graduate student, April Fruchtnicht, gave some advice on students who are interested on moving out and what they can expect.

“I would recommend doing your homework on the place you are planning to live,” Fruchtnicht said. “Make sure to find out upfront what costs are included and which ones are extra and ensure you have the budget to afford it comfortable and still have money for food, laundry detergent, and other essentials.”

Moving out may not be an easy task, with saving up for rent and utilities to adding features like cable and Internet and buying groceries. A lot goes into the process, but the reward at the end may make it all worth it—independence.