Where have all the students gone

IUS Horizon

The first week at IU Southeast included many activities for the “Week of Welcome.”  The last event of the week was held on Friday, Aug. 29, between 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the Hoosier Room.

The activity was Game Day, I Survived Week One.  Well, obviously no one survived the week, because no one showed up.

Well, almost no one, because I showed up for The Horizon.

After working all day, I make my small journey to the Hoosier Room.  Arriving there at 3:05 p.m., the only individual found was the custodian setting up the Hoosier Room for this event.  

He had just heard about this event and was quickly arranging the room for Game Day. No sponsors or students were to be seen anywhere.

I proceeded to have a seat in the student area and wait for someone to show up. 

Every 15 minutes I would wander to the Hoosier Room to see if someone had entered the room. Each time, I discovered that no one materialized.   

To kill time I did everything from reading The Horizon, filing my nails, cleaning out my purse and playing with my cell phone, which I consider playing with a cell phone as something totally lame.

This time was also used for some beneficial contemplation about how IU Southeast has evolved over the years.

I am probably one of the few remaining students who attended the old IU Southeast at Warder Park in Jeffersonville and attended, graduated and returned IU Southeast on Grantline Road. 
I remember when students would spend time around the Jeffersonville campus, playing with Frisbees,hanging out in our commons area — it was always packed with students — killing time lounging on the grass and just talking.  

I also remember students attended plays, concerts and other activities. At that time, we had to attend activities at other venues in Jeffersonville because there were no facilities large enough on campus to house activities, such as concerts, plays or the event I was to cover.

But now IU Southeast has facilities to hold activities for all students. There are even on campus living quarters now, but still students are not attending the activities that are offered. 

Why is this happening? Is the word getting out announcing activities? Are students just ignoring the announcements? Are there other activities taking students elsewhere? 

There are explanations to no attendance and answers to the questions. Students have many activities outside of school that they are involved in, such as work and other personal stuff. This is still a commuter campus, so many students scoot off campus when classes are over to jobs, families and whatever else may be in their lives.  

Another problem that I can see is communication. Are students fully aware of what is offered on campus? Is there anyone who is taking that extra step to involve students? Are students being involved in the planning of activities? Are all students involved in decision making about activities? Does administration help communicate with all students? Do organizations work together when it comes to activities for IU Southeast?  

I don’t know the answer, but possibly these are areas that need to be worked on. 

Back to Aug. 29 outside the Hoosier Room.

At 4:15 p.m., I telephone my editor for advice, do I stay longer or go home and call it an evening. It was suggested I go and ask if the event was canceled. So this I did.  

As I entered the office, the young lady greeting people was not even aware of the Game Day activity, which I thought strange. 

As she was telephone someone to find out what was happening, another young lady came in and overhearing our conversation, she said that it had been canceled. 

I asked her when it was cancelled and she said it was canceled as of 4:15 p.m., because no one showed up. No kidding.

Another point to establish about this date. Did anyone look at the calendar and realize it was a holiday day weekend? 

I packed up my camera, pen and paper and took my, by this time, weary body home.

So now what did I do to survive my first week back to school? You are right. I went home, plopped on my sofa and had a nice cup of tea.

By Barbara Hurst
Staff Writer