Friday Fun: LARPing event hosted by the Gamers’ Society

Ty Simpson, Staff Reporter

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  • Sophomore computer science Michael Hartsfield and sophomore Spanish Amanda Miles team up against sophomore computer science Logan Johnson in a sword fight. “It gets the blood pumping. The fantasy element and violence is fun,” Johnson said.

  • Archie Holland and member Randall Moyes study character sheets as Jessica Brown customizes her apparel for the event.

  • Randall Moyes slides on his knees to attack general studies senior Daniel Wells. Wells participates in a variety of games offered by the society. “It’s fun exercise and a good chance to meet new people. You get to hit people too,” said Wells.

  • Society members wait their turn in line for a chance at glory. In this game type, two members face off against each other and the victor survives to challenge the next opponent. The loser marches to the back of the line to wait for another shot.

  • Randall Moyes goes beyond the cloth tunic by crafting his armor from leather and metal.

  • The students decided that one versus one combat was too boring and raised the stakes. The members get into teams of three and face off.

  • While practicing before the big encounter, Eric Razor lunges at fire mage Jacob Lutz trying to best him in combat. Razor has volunteered with the gamers’ society for three years and prefers the card game nights but enjoys the controlled violence LARPing provides. Lutz has volunteered for two years and participates in all of the events.

  • LARP leader Archie Holland explains some of the ground rules to a few participants before the event begins.

  • Jessica Brown wields sword and shield against the onslaught of fire monsters. This battle took place early in the event and was an easy win for the adventurers. They gained much needed experience for the long journey ahead.

  • Monster Eric Razor is slain by three adventurers in an early encounter as spells and throwing axes litter the floor.

  • Jacob Lutz successfully parries another attack from Eric Razor proving that mages are just as capable with swords.

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