10 tips for the first few weeks of class

Blake Stewart, Sports Editor

1. Use your resourcesIMG_9571web

The Student Development Center offers tutors for students who think they will struggle in classes. The Writing Center and Math Lab are helpful places for students to get help.

“There are students who work at these centers, and they can give great strategies,” Leigh Ann Meyer, English professor and director of the Writing Center, said.

2. Don’t stress

“Try to find the best stress reliever possible. For me, it’s going to the gym and hanging with friends,” Alison Ernspiker, senior elementary education major, said.

IMG_9583web3. Use time management

“Always use organizers, sticky notes, anything out there that you can use,” Ernspiker said.

Adequate time management is the key to not being overloaded with school work.

4. Ask for help

If you’re struggling with a certain topic, ask your teacher for assistance.

“Never be afraid to ask for help especially from professors,” Ernspiker said.

The class sizes at IU Southeast are not as large as big universities, such as IU Bloomington or the University of Louisville. The smaller class sizes allow professors to become better acquainted with the students, giving you have a better opportunity to ask for assistance on material with which you are having difficulty.

5. Keep up with the readingsIMG_9576web

“Do everything you can to keep up with the readings. You need to be able to engage in the conversation that’s going to be happening that day otherwise you’re going to be out of the loop,” Alan Royalty, alumnus, said.

6. Go to class

It’s real easy to just not go to class and sleep in.

“If you’re struggling in the class and the professor sees that you’ve been in class everyday, you’ve participated in the discussions, but you’re still struggling with the work it’s going to reflect better on you,” Royalty said.

7. Don’t party too much

Now listen…. I know some people think of college as a party place, but you need to find a nice balance between partying and your classes.

IMG_9572web“I had a lot of friends who their first year they went all out and partied. They ended up failing, dropped out, and I’ve never seen them since,” Royalty said.

8. Search for a community to be a part of

Most students at IU Southeast are commuters, so a lot of them just drive to school, come to class, and then go back home or to work. However, there are a lot of communities here at IU Southeast for you to be a part of, like fraternities, clubs, and others.

“You have to sink your teeth into the university and find that sense of belonging,” Royalty said.

9. Take notes

“From day one, take notes and keep track of what you need to do,” Meyer said.

It’s important for you to write down the main points in your professor’s lecture. DO NOT be one of the students who sits in class daydreaming while the professor is lecturing. You’ll miss out on the type of vital information that’ll show up on tests.

10. Have funIMG_9580web

Don’t just be a robot that eats, goes to class, studies, and sleeps. Take advantage of all the clubs, people and activities available to you. Make friends, enjoy hobbies, catch a Grenadier sports game and make the most of your time at IU Southeast.