Faces of IUS

Jamie Hoke

Jamie Hoke business/political science junior
Jamie Hoke, business/political science junior

Jamie was out in the hallway the week before classes setting up a banner for the Crimson Crew. The Crew will have a booth there recruiting new members during the first week of classes.

“The Crimson Crew does a lot to assist students and their families who are new to IUS. It’s also a great opportunity to grow leadership skills and make lots of new friends.”

— Jamie Hoke

Katlyn Stephenson

KATLYN STEPHENSON psychology/criminal justice junior
Katlyn Stephenson, psychology/criminal justice junior

Katlyn was helping to check out a long line of students who were getting their books before the semester began.

“My piece of advice to students would be to order your books online. It gets crazy in here, and ordering online keeps you from having to wait in a long line. You can either pick them up at the bookstore or get them sent to your house.”

— Katlyn Stephenson