Students participate in Bible study on campus


Brian Davis

Students and others engage in the Bible study held by the Christian Student Fellowship on Tuesday, Jan. 26 in University Center North, room 121.

Brian Davis, Staff Reporter

Around 20 students sat quietly and attentively as Steven Reid, a representative of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, gave his insights from scripture.

“The Gospel is God’s message to all people on how to reconcile with himself and join him for all eternity,” Reid said. “Never take it [the Gospel] for granted.”

Reid spoke at Christian Student Fellowship’s Bible study on Tuesday, Jan. 26 from noon to 1 p.m. in University Center North, room 121. The Bible study occurs every Tuesday at the same time and place.

The Bible study program started about 15 years ago at IU Southeast, Reid said. Students and others study the gospel from their Bibles together during each Bible study.

“We should be loving and willing enough to put into that effort to learn and study,” Reid said to  the group on Jan. 26.

Flora Speck, history junior, said Bible study represents an opportunity to find like-minded company to study the Gospel with. Speck also said she appreciated that attending Bible study allows her to not focus on the world’s hecticness and to socialize with people who encourage one another.

Speck said the sense of community and fellowship make Bible study appealing.

“Studying as a group is nice and we get really good discussion,” she said.

Reid said to the gathered students that it is important for them to reach out to others and teach them about the Christian faith.

Near the end of the Bible study, Reid gave the group a request.

“What I would challenge us to do this week, this semester is to live and know and the gospel,” Reid said.