Fresh Options Coming

Delays push back Subway opening from August to May.

Autumn Hockenbury , Staff Reporter

Shiny metal framework and foamy pink insulation fill the now gutted former Library coffee shop. The construction of the Subway has begun.

Julie Ingram, director of food services, said that IU Southeast started the process of purchasing a Subway franchise in July, 2014. Originally they hoped it would be by August 2015.

“We were a little ambitious when we are aiming for August,” Ingram said.

According to Ingram this is the first time any IU campus has purchased a franchise. Ingram attributes the delay of the opening of the Subway to the pioneering of the process of purchasing a franchise. There are a lot of contracts to sign and standards to meet.

“It was a matter of paperwork and getting things nailed down,” Ingram said.

Ingram said that since this will be a franchise, it will be like all Subways in the nation. The same quality, promotions and they will offer all of the same products, including breakfast.

Ingram said the open date is currently a moving target. A contractor has been hired. Everything from floor to ceiling has been ordered. Construction has begun. She hopes the Subway will be open by the end of this semester. Ingram said she was excited to have a dining service present on another part of campus.

According to Ingram the Subway will have a modern décor, the metro theme. Which will feature a stone wall, with a silver Subway logo. Ingram also said that the color scheme of the décor will fit in well on campus.


Ingram said they are currently getting the position of the manager approved and then posted. Which would be a full-time position with benefits according to Ingram. After a manager is hired, they will also be looking to hire student employees. The Subway employees will be employed by IU, and will receive the same pay as all other students’ employees in food services. Students can apply for these positions through dining services.

Ingram said that they went with the Subway franchise because it is a healthier alternative to fast food. Ingram said Subway offers fresh and low fat options. The dedicated research and development team also attracted IU to the Subway franchise. According to Ingram Subway comes up with new menu items and promotions quite often.

“You can go 10 times a week and never have the same thing twice,” Ingram said.