Loren and Mark perform in Stem Concert Hall


Brian Davis

Loren and Mark play their guitars onstage in Stem Concert Hall on Saturday, Feb. 13.

Brian Davis, Staff Reporter

Guitar music filled Stem Concert Hall in the Ogle Center during a recent concert performed by Loren Barrigar and Mark Mazengarb.

Stem Concert Hall was filled with patrons listening to the guitar duo’s performance on Saturday, Feb. 13 from 7:30 to 9 p.m.

Allison Hedge, exploratory freshman and box office clerk, said 286 tickets were sold for the concert.

Barrigar and Mazengarb used their guitars to play a variety of songs of differing genres, including “Under Paris Skies,” “Someday Soon,” “China Blue,” “Don’t Think Twice,” “Stay With Me,” “Guitar Man,” “Sweet Georgia” and a song by Mozart.

During the performance, Barrigar and Mazengarb demonstrated some improvisation. The musicians mixed up their guitar playing with banter and comedy when answering questions from the audience.

Guest guitar player, 15-year-old Parker Hastings, was also present for part of the second half of the concert.

Barrigar said playing music was something he always wanted to do, even when he was young. He said he first started playing the guitar when he was 4 years old, and he would play it when his father was at work.

Mazengarb also said he had been playing guitar since he was young.

“My best friend in primary school introduced me to the guitar,” he said. “We were 8 years old when we first got into the guitar. I couldn’t put it down.”

Barrigar said the first time he performed with Mazengarb was a special experience. He said he believed Mazengarb was a partner who matched his music in a way other performers did not.

Greg and Denise Hastings attended the performance. Greg Hastings said the skills and teamwork Barrigar and Mazengarb display in their performances cause the couple to follow their tour across state lines.

“We have heard them before,” Greg said. “They are an amazing guitar duo and their high- energy play always makes you want to see what they are doing new.”

Denise Hastings said she was looking forward to the performance as well.

“You leave with an inspiration to play,” Denise said. “Even if I can’t play.”

Greg said he believes Barrigar and Mazengarb are great entertainers.

“Not sure you can find such a great duo play anywhere else,” Greg said. “I like their original and traditional arrangement.”

Kaithlyn Mazengarb, Mazengarb’s wife, said Barrigar and Mazengarb are fun to watch.

“They do a lot of improvisation so it is always something different,” she said.

Hedge said she was eager to see the musicians perform.

“Every time I hear them [Loren and Mark], I get excited to see what it is about,” Hedge said.

Eliz Hopkins, volunteer usher at the Ogle Center, said she was looking forward to good guitar playing.

“I just enjoy the acoustic guitar,” she said. “They have been likened to Chet Atkins, so I am looking forward to that. Anyone with a talent to play guitar is something I appreciate.”

Mazengarb said he and Barrigar wanted the fans to leave the performance happy.

“The magic of what we play, we hope you take it with you,” Mazengarb said. “We thank you for your ongoing support.”