Computer science students visited by tech recruiter

Ty Simpson, Staff Reporter

A Technical Youth recruiter visited the IUS campus Wednesday, April 21 to speak to computer science majors about what services Brooksource provides.

Daniel Florer, the recruiter, said he has been working with Brooksource for two years now and their Louisville office has been open for 10 years. Brooksource has 21 locations across the country.

“Brooksource is an all-encompassing technical youth recruiter,” Florer said.

David Paller, computer science junior, attended the event. He said it was the first time he had heard of the Technical Youth name and the services they offer students.

“I definitely think that they would help me to find me the right job,” Paller said. “I’m hoping to get a job in cyber security or user interface design.”

Brad Stratton, computer science senior, was also unaware of this job-search tool until the event. Stratton said he hopes to find a career in back-end coding but is more focused on finishing the school year than beginning a job hunt.

“I gave him my resume and hopefully he will be able to find the right fit for me,” Stratton said.

Florer said that Brooksource has good relationships with multiple companies in the Louisville area. He said that the main company who recruits students through Brooksource’s Technical Youth program are Humana.

Florer said that smaller companies also use the program to find college students to fill positions. According to Florer, these smaller companies like Leap Interactive and Aperture have a more relaxed work environment that has a lenient dress code and a laid-back atmosphere. Florer said this is ideal for a recent college graduate.

“Employers tell us about a job opening and we go out and find the young talent to fill that position,” Florer said.

Florer said one of the main advantages students have using Brooksource is that they deal directly with the companies hiring manager. He said if a student submits a resume directly to the company or via another platform, they are most likely going to be dealing with the human resources department. Florer said this is a more efficient way to get hired and is more likely to get the student’s resume noticed.

Along with providing job placement, Florer said they provide a number of services to prepare students for the process of finding a job. Technical Youth edits student resumes and they provide mock interviews for students.

“The best thing you can do to really set yourself apart from other applicants is to be prepared,” Florer said. “Knowing what the format of the interview will be and what questions will be asked is very valuable.”

Florer said it is never too early to begin a resume. He said that he prefers to start speaking with students when they are a sophomore or junior in college.

“That gives me enough time to get to know the student, and the student to get to know me,” Florer said. “That way we can really find the best fit for that individual student.”