SGA leaders meeting with campus administration

Ty Simpson, Staff Reporter

Student Government Association members met with Chancellor Ray Wallace, Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs Jason Meriwether, and Assistant Vice Chancellor for Retention & Student Services Amanda Stonecipher to discuss next year’s operations.

Mark Jallayu, political science sophomore and SGA president, said the meeting was brief but a lot of information was discussed.

Jallayu said contact information was exchanged between all parties to encourage open communication between SGA and IUS administration.

Jallayu said he and Wallace plan to meet once a month in the coming semester to discuss campus legislation and SGA goals.

Ryan Atkinson, political science junior and vice president of SGA, said it was exciting for IUS administration to sit down with SGA to discuss plans for next year.

“It’s great help to have such an open line of communication with the chancellors,” Atkinson said.

Atkinson said his main goal for next semester is to increase the SGA presence on campus. He said that there was barely over 100 votes in the presidential race this semester and he wants to see that number rise this coming year.

Sydney Lawson, biology freshman, said she looks forward to working with the chancellors next semester and agreed with Atkinson’s goal to increase SGA presence and student involvement.

“It’s the people that make student government. We can have the best ideas but without the people, it doesn’t get done,” Lawson said.