The Filharmonics at IU Southeast

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  • Jules Cruz focuses on the audience while singing.

  • Barry Fortgang gets into the emotions of the song.

  • Flashlights light up the audience as The Filharmonic sings “Flashlight” from “Pitch Perfect 2.”

  • Somolia Pumphrey is serenaded by Trace Gaynor and The Filharmonic.

  • Vj Rosales hits a high note.

  • The Filharmonic creates harmony to compliment their song.

  • The Filharmonic raising their arms as they raise their voices.

  • Barry Fortgang smiles at the audience while singing.

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Kaitlin Porter, Staff Reporter

The audience screamed, deep notes shook the floor and girls’ hearts broke as the Filharmonic took the stage.

The best part? No instruments were used, instead the voices of the performers.

The “Friends” television show theme song “I’ll Be There For You” opened the show. This was performed sung by IU Southeast’s very own a capella group, the a cappella Geeks Club.

The Charlestown High School Scaliwags were to followed and they received a standing ovation for their cover and mash ups of “Perfect Style” and “If I Ever Fall in Love.”

Flashlights light up the audience as The Filharmonic sings “Flashlight” from “Pitch Perfect 2.”
Flashlights light up the audience as The Filharmonic sings “Flashlight” from “Pitch Perfect 2.”

Becca Dirck, psychology major and music minor senior, said she was honored to be able to open for the Filharmonics.

“Singing popular songs that people are interested in is so fun to us,” Dirck said.

Dirck said she never sung previously before joining the group, however she brought the crowd to their knees with her harmonies in “Radioactive.”

Josh Peterson, music therapy sophomore, said how much music can positively impact people’s lives.

“Music is the world’s common language,” Peterson said.

The Filharmonic is an a cappella group based out of Los Angeles, California. The group is made up of six male vocalists that came together to create covers of popular songs using just their voices.

The group consist of six vocalists: Vj Rosales, Joe Caigoy, Trace Gaynor, Barry Fortgang, Jules Cruz and Niko Del Rey.

The Filharmonic is a group seen on “The Sing Off” and the movie “Pitch Perfect 2.” The Filharmonic a cappella group started a 2016 tour visiting college stages nation wide.

The Fhilharmonic’s began with a cover version of Nick Jonas’ “Chains.”

The music transitioned while the crowd sang and clapped along as Trace Gaynor sang lead to Walk the Moon’s “Shut Up and Dance with Me.”

Caigoy, Cruz and Del Rey, all friends from high school, decided to create the group in 2013 in order to audition for ABC’s “The Sing Off.”

Prior to “The Sing Off,” Rosales, Gaynor and Fortgang were complete strangers to their now a cappella group members.

Caigoy, Cruz and Del Rey were not the only musicians to make it famous from their hometown.

Pentatonix’s bass vocalist, Avi Kaplan also came from the same high school.

Pentatonix is another a capella group featured in “The Sing Off” and “Pitch Perfect 2.” Cruz said they have inspired The Filharmonics on their journey.

Rosales said the group’s biggest inspirations are the musical stylings of Boys II Men and Justin Timberlake.

The group asked the audience for Justin Bieber fans before throwing their own twist on Bieber’s “Love Yourself.”

The floors began to shake as beat boxer Del Rey began a rap battle against his fellow band mates.

Barry Fortgang smiles at the audience while singing.
Barry Fortgang smiles at the audience while singing.

Caigoy took on the challenge as he did basic beat boxing techniques, such as quickly saying “boots and cats” to make a beat.

The exciting moment was when Del Rey began to do overtones along with his beat boxing creating two sounds at one time using only his voice.

The group got many girls on their feet when volunteers were requested to be serenaded.

Somolia Pumphrey, journalism senior, was the audience member called up onto the stage.

During their performance, the men of The Filharmonic said how they use their dance moves that are inspired by Magic Mike as they danced around Pumphrey singing Dawin’s “Dessert.”

The crowd roared into applause as Gaynor twerked in front of Pumphrey.

Somolia Pumphrey is serenaded by Trace Gaynor and The Filharmonic.
Somolia Pumphrey is serenaded by Trace Gaynor and The Filharmonic.

Caigoy, of The Filharmonic, said the group channels boy bands from the 90’s as they dance along with their vocals to create their unique identity.

The Filharmonic were known on the show “The Sing Off” for their dance moves.

Del Rey, of The Filharmonic, said the most rewarding aspect of their new tour is being able to do something they truly enjoy.

“We go to work everyday and love our jobs, especially in places like Indiana who receive us so well,” Del Rey said. “We can’t get enough of it.”

Soft hums began to be heard as they began to perform. The room fell silent when The Filharmonic began singing “Flashlight” featured in “Pitch Perfect 2.”

Flashlights filled the audience and room while the crowd sang along with the group.

The crowd applauded as The Filharmonic left the stage. A meet and greet was held after the event to give audience members an opportunity to meet the singers.