Republic Bank Sponsors IU Southeast Athletics


Bailey Sanders, Staff Writer

IU Southeast has officially signed a deal with Republic Bank to sponsor the IUS athletics department.

Republic Bank will be the first-ever corporate sponsor for IU Southeast athletics. The bank will be known as “The Official Bank of IU Southeast Athletics.”

Athletic Director, Joe Glover, said he is very excited about the new sponsor.

“I think it is very exciting for me because Republic Bank has great brand equity,” he said.  “What it says to me is, all the work we have done here in this office, not just me but the coaches, managers, student athletes, and everyone else over the past five years is being recognized in the community and that makes me the proudest and happy.”

The deal has been in the works for roughly six months. It was finished at the very first of the year.

“It got done right after the first of the year. It will be in place for a whole year going into the first of next year. The six months was to find the right people to talk to,” Glover said.

The money from the sponsorship will go to the scholarships IU Southeast already gives and game day operations.

“It helps us by raising funds, scholarships and helping us operate on a daily basis.” Glover said.

For athletes at IU Southeast right now, more exposure to the community will be the most significant change.

“It won’t change a lot, however, it will change the exposure of the athletes. There will be posters in every bank location in Southern Indiana and a few in the Louisville area,” he said. “I think from a marketing stand-point, it will increase the brand profile of the athletics department. There will be a lot on social media that we do for each other.” Glover said.

Glover has made it a point to try to get out in the community and get IU Southeast athletics more involved and more known.

“A couple years ago we decided we needed to take our own approach for funding. We wanted to go out and get some additional funds because the budget keeps getting cut,” he said.  “After the activity fees give us a budget, we still have to come up with $80,000-$100,000 a year to operate. We usually try to cover that with fundraising, ticket sales, etc..” Glover said.

Glover said one of the biggest  parts of the deal is that the Champions Dinner held at the end of each year to recognize IU Southeast student-athletes will be called the The Champions Dinner presented by Republic Bank.

The new pop-up banners that will be seen around the sporting facilities at IU Southeast.

“The biggest thing they will be doing is the total sponsor for the IU Southeast Champions dinner.This will be the fifth year for the Champions Dinner. When you walk into the dinner this year, there will be Republic Bank logos everywhere. They have really helped us with that and they will also be speaking at the event.” Glover said.

For Republic Bank, they will hang banners inside the athletic facilities and around the outside sporting facilities in return for sponsoring IU Southeast.

“There will be signs on the back of the bleachers and on the back wall. [There will be] pop-up banners out in the lobby of the building. Also, banners out by the softball and baseball fields where you walk in. Public announcements will be heard at every sporting event.” Glover said.

Although this is a big deal for IU Southeast, Glover said he is very interested in making sure Republic Bank is satisfied as a sponsor.

“One thing that is unique about this is we don’t have a ‘one-size fits all’ approach about advertising. When we meet with companies, we don’t just want them to help us, we want to make sure they get their share of the deal. We want to be a good partner.” Glover said.

Glover said he is hopeful to have more corporate business partners in the future.

“We are actually in the talks with New York Life, an insurance company.” he said.

Glover said New York Life will help fund the student athlete banquet every spring.

Glover said he is very excited about the opportunities Republic Bank will bring to the IU Southeast athletics department and more businesses will join along.