IU Southeast’s First All Female Christian Group Comes to Campus

Delight offers IU Southeast females the opportunity to empower each other through the word of God


Kiersten Baird

Kiersten Baird, strategic communication sophomore, left, Sydney Nalley, graphic design freshman, middle, and Alex Meador, business-marketing junior, right, pose with their Delight flag as they kick off the new organization on campus.

Kaitlin Porter, Staff Reporter

The campus’ first all female Christian group is delighted to come to IU Southeast.

Delight Ministries’ focus is to “invite college women into Christ-centered community that fosters vulnerability and transforms stories.”

Kiersten Baird, strategic communication sophomore, began the process of forming the Delight Ministries on the IU Southeast campus in fall 2017.

The heart of Delight Ministries is to provide an environment for women to vulnerably share about how Christ has been at work in their lives,” Baird said.

The group became an official organization spring 2018.

Alex Meador, business marketing junior, is apart of the leadership team.

“Delight allows us to have a vulnerable, trusting, intimate setting where we may grow, serve, learn, and chase after God and His will together,” Meador said.

Delight is more than a bible study, they focus on nights full of service, worship and fun activities that bring young women together.

Delight is also a ministry that centers on vulnerability,” Baird said. “Because how can we expect to grow in our relationship with the Lord unless we are willing to first break ourselves down and express our great need for Him?”

The first meeting will be held on Jan. 31 at 4:30pm in UC 121. Anyone interested in learning more information is encouraged to join the kick off party.

Baird encourages people of all backgrounds and religions to come out and join the group.

Our stories become no longer about us, but rather about Christ in us.

— Kiersten Baird, strategic communication sophomore

“Delight caters to anyone who believes in God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus,” Baird said.

From then on, meetings will be held every Wednesday from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. in UC 121.  

Each meeting we have will appeal to all different situations college girls may be going through, and we are all here to allow God to move through us and to grow together,” Meador said.

The meetings are designed to be focused on individual women’s testimonies while in college. Each story offers a new scenario and the opportunity for members to relate and add their own input on similar experiences.

“Our stories become no longer about us, but rather Christ in us,” Baird said.

Delight Ministries is on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Delight apparel is also offered on their website.

For more information, please contact Kiersten Baird via direct message on social media or the organizations email. The group can also be found on the Grenadier Central page.

“Remember, you are worthy and so loved,” Meador said.