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SGA’s first meeting of the semester: Gus Talks, Title IX changes and budget discussion


AUSA’s official public to the Department of Education’s proposed new Title IX rules.

Ashley Smith, Staff Reporter

IU Southeast’s Student Government held their first meeting of 2019 on Jan. 17. The SGA began its 56th session with three probationary senators.

Among the probationaries were neuroscience freshman John Pillow, communications sophomore Zackery McCaslin and biology sophomore Kinise Joseph.

The probationaries’ reasons for wanting to join student government were to get involved and see how campus policy and procedures work. The probationary senators also said they want to help the IUS student body as much as they can.

Moving forward with the meeting, the officer announcements would begin. Student Body President Zack Turner announced this years’ Gus Talks will be held Wednesday, Apr. 3 at 11:45 a.m. Only one speaker, Dr. Taylor from Natural Sciences, is currently confirmed for April’s Gus Talks.

Title IX changes

As Turner continued with his announcements, he addressed an urgent email sent to him right before the meeting. Sent by the IU All University Student Association (AUSA), the email commented on the nature of recent changes proposed for Title IX by the United States Department of Education.

Read more about the AUSA’s public comment to proposed Title IX rules

The changes include allowing a cross examination of the survivor as well as narrowing the 60-day alloted time for the university to investigate accusations of sexual misconduct. The AUSA is adamantly against the proposed changes being made to Title IX.

According to the AUSA email, this change narrows the definition of sexual misconduct by only including conduct that is severe, pervasive and objectively offensive.

The purpose of the email is to receive Turner’s — and every IU campus’ Student Body President’s — signature in support of the AUSA’s stance. If you would like your voice to be heard on this matter, you can email Turner at zackarytrace@gmail.com.

Slightly over budget

Treasurer Stephanie Devore would continue the meeting by announcing the monetary value of the recently-purchased workout equipment for the athletics building, which totaled $1497.25. The purchase went over the project’s projected budget by $199.93.

Later in Devore’s report, she quoted Campus Life Staff Council Vice President Cari Edwards, saying if the purchase went over budget, it would look bad on the IUS Student Government.

However, Edwards also told Devore that if they still had money left over in general expenditures, they would be in the clear.

As Devore concluded her announcement, she informed the senate they had $754 left to spend this semester.

Indiana Latino Leadership Conference

Dean of Student Life Seuth Chaleunphonh continued by announcing the Indiana Latino Leadership Conference will be held on Feb. 16 at IU Bloomington. Chaleunphonh would like everyone interested in the event to attend.

There will be a bus leaving the night before from IU Southeast. Attendees do not have to be Latino to join the conference.

“You can learn and connect with your Latino friends,” Chalenunphonh said.

Chaleunphonh also said they would like to get as many people as they can to attend. In 2020, IU Southeast will be holding the conference and it is an opportunity for the university to showcase the university and its leadership.

You can contact Chaleunphonh in the Campus Life office, or email him at schaleun@ius.edu to get more information.

Chaleunphonh continued by bringing attention to IU’s initiatives regarding transfer students. IU is interested in input from transfer students to better attract students who transfer from community colleges.

IU is examining ways they can better market to these students while also making the transition process easier. To learn more you can contact Seuth Chaleunphonh.

If a student would like to raise a concern they have on campus — or would like to join student government — the IUS Student Government meets in Hillside Hall room 126, every Friday at 4 p.m.