Senior Danny Brescia is soaring to new heights, both on and off the field

A look into the life of senior baseball player and aspiring aviator Danny Brescia


Danny Brescia rounds third in the Grenadiers matchup with Bryan University. Photo courtesy of the IUS Athletics Department.

Clay Ables, staff reporter

Danny Brescia’s life inside the game of baseball has taken a few different routes. With his career starting in Mountain Home, Idaho, to the badlands of North Dakota, Daniel Brescia has found home at IU Southeast.

Brescia, senior infielder, was an all-around athlete in Idaho. He played five sports up into high school, including ice hockey during his varsity days. Baseball, however is the sport that stayed with him.

“Once I got to high school I had to pick three sports so I stuck to football, ice hockey and of course baseball. The reason baseball was my favorite, is because I could play all the positions. Some games I would play infield, some I would’ve be in center. Other times I would pitch or catch and I loved playing all around”, Brescia said. “I never got bored of being stuck in one position.”

His real passion, though, enlies in a deep family tradition of flying. Daniel is studying to become a pilot, like his father who served 21 years in the Air Force.

“He flew the F-4 then switched to fly the F-15E. Growing up around the planes is what really made me want to become a pilot,” Brescia said. “I’m getting my private license right now because I’m still in school but I couldn’t wait any long to start flying.”

After blazing a fast start with Mountain Home High School, Danny said he realized a future in baseball was possible for him.

“In high school I made varsity as a freshman for hockey and baseball and then it wasn’t until my junior year that I found out I could go to school for baseball,” Brescia said. “That’s when I focused more on baseball then my other sports.”

The journey to get to IU Southeast was an interesting one for Brescia. He committed to Dickinson State, but after a short stint the baseball program ceased to exist, due to funding. He realized it was time to look elsewhere.

“Before Dickinson, I went to a small JC in Ontario Oregon. This is where I met my roommate Tanner,” said Brescia. “Tanner played here before me and when I left Dickinson he gave me a call and i drove straight here.”

During the process, he said he connected with IUS baseball Head Coach Ben Reel, who he said quickly led him in the right direction.

“When I first called coach Reel he said all the right things,” said Brescia. “Told me about how well the team chemistry is and how we are a program that will be in the top three every year. He is also a hell of a coach so it wasn’t very hard to want to play for him.”

Coach Ben Reel said he is expecting to rely heavily on Brescia this season.

“Danny brings experience to a very young team,” said Reel. “He will be relied on for his experience and energy daily. Danny has improved in every area since joining our program last fall, namely his defense and hitting have improved drastically. We are excited to see his leadership and skills translate on the field for his senior season.”

Brescia has been named RSC Player of the week, 24 RBI’s in 31 games, and made the dean’s list. Teammate Kyle Hawkins has been around

Danny really brings the energy to everything,” said senior pitcher Kyle Hawkins. “He is always there to hype people up and really get people pumped up.”

The move to IU Southeast has panned out for Danny Brescia. Not only on the field, but in many aspects of life, according to Brescia.

“IUS Is great for many reasons,” said Brescia. “The people around new Albany are great. When my truck broke down, I went to an auto part store new my school and they fixed it in half the time and half the price of the other places. The school as a whole is great as well. I have had some amazing teachers here that have helped me after hours when I had questions on assignments or needed help. And when I graduate from here I get an IU degree.”

The goal for Brescia in his final season is simple- a trip to the World Series.

“I want to go back to Idaho with this team because we have worked our butts off this year to be the best we can be,” said Brescia. “There is no greater reward then going to the College World Series. I joke with my team, saying if we go, my parents will drive up and cook for us every night so we will eat good.”