Open mic in the coffee shop

IUS students show off their talents, make their voices heard, and fight the nerves that come along with performing at an open mic in University Grounds


Logan Stephens

Jacob Howard, a freshman who is an English Education Major, sings “Michael” by Red House Painters while playing his guitar. “My parents started getting me guitar lessons and I hated it but once I started listening to music, I was like, ‘oh, this might be worthwhile.’ I like performing…and I love that song too.”

Logan Stephens, Staff Reporter

In coffee shops across the nation, patrons are faced with a slew of different caffeine-filled options. Some prefer their coffee black, while others load up with cream and sugar.

Avid coffee lovers at IU Southeast on Thursday, September 5, ordered their beloved caffeinated beverages with the soothing sounds of music and poetry in the background as the Campus Activity Board hosted an open mic in the University Grounds Coffee Shop. One by one, students stepped up to the microphone, performing songs and poetry for an audience of students and faculty.