IU campuses set up Wi-Fi hotspots for students to use during the COVID-19 crisis

IUS set up a Wi-Fi hotspot in the parking lot behind Knobview Hall and is providing a limited number of hotspot devices for students to take home


Bryce Shreve

The “Hope’s Harbor” sculpture sits in front of Knobview Hall and the Ogle Center. File photo by Bryce Shreve.

Aubryn Crotchett, Staff Reporter

IU campuses are currently providing free Wi-Fi access to both students and the community in response to the COVID-19 crisis. The high-speed Wi-Fi is free and offered 24 hours a day, which allows users to practice social distancing while also having a reliable source of Internet.

For IU staff and students, the Wi-Fi is able to be accessed from the IU Secure and eduroam networks once they are in range. If a member of the community wants to access the Wi-Fi, it can be accessed using the IU Guest network.

IUS Wi-Fi Hotspots

The Wi-Fi hotspots are in various parking lots of IU campuses. For IUS, the Wi-Fi hotspot can be accessed in the Hickory parking lot located behind Knobview Hall.

“During this difficult time IU recognizes that not all students will have reliable internet and is trying to help those who cannot get internet at home,” Amanda Stonecipher, the IUS vice chancellor for enrollment management and student affairs, said.

“The Wi-Fi hotspots will continue being offered,” Stonecipher said. “There is not an end date at this time.”

IUS is also currently offering a limited number of hotspot devices for students to take home until the end of the Spring 2020 semester. Stonecipher said that if a student is approved, the device will be issued to the student with the understanding that the device will be returned at the end of the spring semester.

Student Opinions

Izzy Niece, a junior criminal justice major, stated that the Wi-Fi hotspots are a great idea.

“Some students may not have access to reliable internet, so it is great that the university is able to provide that,” she said.

Niece continued by saying that the only disadvantage she sees with the parking lot accessible Wi-Fi is multiple students gathering in one location.

Haley Robinson, a freshman education major, said that she thinks this will be helpful for students and the local community.

“Doing this is not only beneficial for IUS staff and students, but it is great that anyone in the local community can access it,” she said.

Robinson continued by saying that it is great that the university is also offering free hotspot devices for students. If a student is in need of one of the hotspot devices, they can contact Student Affairs at sestuaf@ius.edu.