Photo Gallery: IU Southeast students carve out time from classes for Take and Make Pumpkin Patch

Campus Activities Board sponsors two-day outdoor event to kick off the first full week of October.

Garland Noel, Staff Reporter

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  • Biochemistry freshman Tien-Lu Huang paints a classic jack-o’-lantern on a Huber’s Farm pie pumpkin at the second day of the “Take and Make” Pumpkin Patch event sponsored by the Campus Activities Board. “I went to the Week of Welcome, I dropped by for that,” said Huang.” Not my first event, but because there haven’t been many events, this is one of the [only] ones I’ve been to in a while. So it’s great.”

  • (Left to Right) Campus life student workers Caleb Brown and Cory Anderson lead students through carving waivers before they are allowed to peruse the IUS pumpkin patch. “We’ve had this event in the works for a few months now, just trying to get people out. I know that it’s a tough time in a pandemic, so we’re trying to keep people on campus and give people some fun,” said Brown.

  • (Left to Right) Campus life student workers Caleb Brown and Cory Anderson look out over the IUS lawn after the last pumpkin for the IUS “Take and Make” Pumpkin Patch event has been claimed. “When I first got here and we first started, basically the whole grass was filled and now we only have one left and will probably be gone soon,” said Brown. “A lot of people came and got pumpkins.”

  • Secondary education freshman Mckenzie Wright and her roommates, (left) neuroscience freshman Isabella Stallard and (right) undecided freshman Emilee Organ pick out the last pumpkin in the IUS pumpkin patch. “She’s [Stallard] actually a very big connoisseur, she really believes in the spooky season,” said Wright “We had to make that come alive for her today.”

  • Undecided freshman Brandy Eisenbach paints the last pumpkin of the “Take and Make” Pumpkin Patch event with her friends, (left to right), Secondary education freshman Mckenzie Wright, neuroscience freshman Isabella Stallard and undecided freshman Emilee Organ. “Halloween’s my favorite holiday,” said Stallard.

  • Emilee Organ, an undecided freshman, takes a break from classes and campus living to paint pumpkins with her friend and volleyball teammate Abigail Vogel, a freshman in education. “I don’t know anything different, so I don’t have anything to compare it to. It just feels normal,” said Vogel, speaking about campus life during COVID-19.

  • Students gather around Campus Life intern Nicholas Britton to sign liability waivers for using pumpkin carving equipment. “It’s definitely been all about adaptability. It’s been a big emphasis on outdoor events, social distance, and keeping things as safe as possible,” said Britton.

  • Digital arts freshman Ja’mia Sutton cleans out a pumpkin in the IUS courtyard at the “Take and Make” Pumpkin Patch event sponsored by the Campus Activities Board. “The sunlight’s pretty nice, it makes me feel less depressed. It’s a mood lifter I guess, and also I just like Halloween events so I’m really happy that this was like [happening],” said Sutton. “I missed an earlier event in my lodge that had pumpkins and I wanted to go to a pumpkin event.”

  • Digital arts junior Josiah Pohl contemplates his next move with a Huber’s Farm pie pumpkin. While there were supposed to be 100 pumpkins provided for students for the event, only 50 were provided by Huber’s due to a poor harvest this year. “I heard about it [the event] through Grenadier Central and I thought it was a really unique way to easily be able to get a pumpkin and just carve… instead of just going out of your way to go to Huber’s. I probably still would got to Huber’s, but it’s nice that they have this little event,” said Pohl. “There’s not a lot of in-person things on campus this semester, so it’s just nice to get out here in the fresh air after class and to just relax and eat your lunch, carve pumpkins if you want to, [or] paint.”

  • Left to right, Ericia Henry, a senior studying business, Brittany Wilson, a senior in Communications, and Breanna Doss, a junior in psychology, paint pumpkins between classes. “I really like anything Fall, so I’m glad that they had this opportunity to get a pumpkin, especially because they can be expensive,” said Doss. It’s always fun to do something, espicially during COVID when there’s not a lot of stuff going on right now.”

  • Cari Edwards, Staff Council Vice President for Campus Life, looks in on communication senior Brittany Wilson’s pumpkin art (center) and chats with psychology junior Breanna Doss (left) and business senior Ericia Henry (right). I’m pretty thankful that we still have the oppurtunity to do that [in-person events], because I know most campuses it’s like ‘no, you can’t, everything’s off limits’,” said Henry. “It’s fun and it’s nice that they’re allowing certain things to take place.”

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