“When We Gather: Together” a new film to inspire women

“When We Gather: Together,” is an art film that is inspired by Vice President Kamala Harris and her new role in office.


Tommy Oliver/Gallery Wendi Norris

Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons is one of the actors in the film. She envisioned the “When We Gather Together” film.

Allie Bedell, Staff Reporter

Vice President Kamala Harris is honored with a new art film created by Codie Elaine to show the cleansing of the White House. It is called “When We Gather: Together” and is based on the unity of women coming together to celebrate the first women in a higher power position. 

This film was thought of by Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons, who had a dream about a large group of women dancing around the White House. The result is a 3-minute video with a 35-minute behind-the-scenes look. The behind-the-scenes portion of the film is an interactive program where “When We Gather: Together” is hosted by Wellesley College Professor Nikki A. Greene. 

The film begins with photos of women at work, in the military, and in schools. The most symbolic is the photograph of a woman holding a sign that says, “Equal position with equal pay.” This symbolic photograph really emphasizes the importance of Vice President Kamala Harris with the position she is in. The women in the film show how hard it has been for women to get to where they are today, and Vice President Kamala Harris is doing every one of them justice.

There are women in white dresses dancing around an old building, symbolizing the white attire Vice President Kamala Harris was wearing, in their honor, when President Joe Biden won the election. 

After the dancing and spinning, the women joined and tied a blue ribbon together. “The ribbon suggests unity,” Campos-Pons said. The video concludes with portraits of women of all ages, ethnicities, and cultures.

Lastly, a photo of Vice President Kamala Harris was presented with a quote she made at the Black Girls Lead Conference, “There will be people who say to you, ‘You are out of your lane,’ ” Vice President Kamala Harris said.  “They are burdened by having only the capacity to see what has always been, instead of what can be. But do not let that burden you.”

The film was published on Jan. 28 and people can view it until Feb.15. After the public has had a chance to see the film, then it will be streamed in museums, libraries, universities, and performed by dance groups. 

IU Southeast students have been feeling proud and empowered to have a strong woman like Vice President Kamala Harris in office. 

“I think this film will motivate more people of color to get involved and take positions,” Spanish Major IUS Student Cheyanne Thomas said.

If any IUS faculty or student is interested in seeing this film, they can watch it by going to, “When We Gather.”