Delight Ministries continues to empower Christian women across IU Southeast

Through word-of-mouth and social media, Delight Ministries at IUS has nurtured the hearts of young women in their Christian faith and allowed them to form forever friendships


Photo provided by Bailey Warren.

Rachel Miller, Staff Reporter

For the past three years, Delight Ministries has created a safe and welcoming environment for young women to be vulnerable while seeking Christian fellowship at IU Southeast. Started by IUS alumna Kiersten Baird, the Delight group grew on campus in 2018 as Baird led young women every Thursday night.

Growing at an amazing rate, girls have become involved with Delight not only on campus, but also on Facebook and Instagram. On Instagram alone, Delight Ministries at IUS has over 500 followers and they continually encourage young women in their faith with every post.

Delight leader Bailey Warren, a sophomore majoring in business, first got involved with Delight during her freshman year at IUS. Originally looking to join a sorority, the Christian group completely caught her off-guard.

“It was totally a God thing that I even got in touch with Delight,” she said.

Warren felt she was called to sorority recruitment, but was unaware of the purpose of this calling. Getting a bid from Sigma Kappa, she surprised herself by not accepting the bid, and instead talked with some girls who were involved with Delight Ministries within the Sigma Kappa sorority.

Warren had a tough transition into college, feeling socially awkward. She gives credit to her Delight friendships for making her way through her first year of college intact.

“It has given me my best friends, and it has given me a safety net of people that are constant,” Warren said.

One of Warren’s favorite parts of Delight is not only the Christ-centered mindset of the group, but the idea of women supporting women in a raw and authentic way. While struggling to navigate the battlefield of college, Delight allowed her to grow in confidence in her relationship with herself, as well as in her relationships with other women of faith.

Delight Ministries’ purpose is to “invite college women into Christ-centered community that foster vulnerability and transforms stories.”

This motto is what encouraged Warren to become a leader for Delight. As Warren struggled during her first semester in college, she wanted to strive to be the leader that praised vulnerability in girls.

“It is a feel-good community and everyone needs that,” Warren said.

Women and Worship

Jessica Orr, a freshman majoring in elementary and special education, also found a sense of purpose within the Delight community.

Growing up in church, Orr was looking for a Christian community in college, and discovered Delight from their Instagram page. She reached out to the group on social media.

Walking into her first meeting, Orr was scared of the unknown. She soon realized Delight was a place of comfort for girls to share their walk with God and spiritual aspirations.

“Once I attended the first meeting I felt welcomed instantly,” Orr said.

Photo provided by Bailey Warren.

Since then, Orr has made a personal commitment to meet with the girls each Thursday night, or what she calls “Delight time.”

Also hearing of Delight through social media, Ivy Tech student Samantha Flores traveled to a different college campus to fulfill a desire of deep connection with other college girls.

A freshman majoring in nursing, Flores began to get involved with Delight in the summer of 2020.

Flores’ freshman semester of college was last fall, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Unable to attend church, she felt it was the perfect time to deepen her walk of faith.

“It’s a safe environment and it’s a great way to make friends,” Flores said.

Flores said at one point in her life, she questioned her faith. Because of the great impact her high school youth group made, she again became rooted in Christ.

Flores has also realized how her friends in Delight have impacted her greatly, helping her own her faith.

Bringing Hope and Light Through Delight

Just as Orr and Flores found Delight through social media, so did Avery Owens, a freshman majoring in pre-nursing at IUS.

She first attended Delight after a friend from high school shared one of Delight’s social media posts. Starting college was a weird time for many freshmen last year, including Owens.

Starting college amidst the pandemic, Owens worried about the outlook of her freshman year in college.

“Going into college in such a weird time, my college experience ended up beginning far from what I had imagined,” Owens said.

Although it was very different from what she had imagined, Owens felt encouraged by being able to talk to students who had already been through their first year.

Owens also wants to inspire the fall 2021 semester’s freshman girls to join Delight, attending a few meetings to simply “feel it out.” She also says if any girls have questions, they should reach out to Delight Ministries at IUS on Instagram or Facebook.

“Delight is a place to come as you are and not be ashamed of that, because that is who God made you to be,” Owens said.

Delight Leader Warren also wants freshman girls to know that Delight will help with the stressful college transition in any way they can by filling each young woman of IUS with love and support.

During the fall 2021 semester, Delight Ministries at IUS hopes to meet on campus every Thursday night. They have been meeting at Northside Christian Church in New Albany, but their goal is to be back on campus in the fall. For more information on Delight Ministries’ mission, check out their homepage at For dates, events, and meeting times at Delight IUS, check their Facebook and Instagram pages at Delight Ministries at IUS and @delightius respectively.