Top six study and hangout spots for IUS students

As students return to campus for the fall 2021 semester, not everything is back to “normal”


Rachel Harris

Hanging out with friends on campus is more fun with added board games, table tennis and pool.

Rachel Harris, Staff Reporter

It is no secret that COVID-19 has changed everything, but especially for IU Southeast college students returning for the fall 2021 semester.

While many classes are taken on campus this semester, students still have online classes in their schedules. This means a large part of studying is done not just on campus, but at home.

After surveying students on campus, The Horizon compiled a list of the top three study spots, as well as the top three hangout spots on and off campus. 

Need to get some studying done? These are the top 3 places students study:

The Library

Looking for some peace and quiet? The library is the best place to find some alone time while getting homework done. Not only can students space out in the library containing three floors, but spend many hours getting work done without worrying about the volume of people around. Students can also utilize the space for upcoming tests by reserving private study rooms for group studying, or use the larger communal tables that include TVs, which are on the bottom floor of the library. Students also enjoy using the desk areas in the library, where walls surround desks creating a small cubicle for students to avoid distractions while studying. Printers are also available to use with the CrimsonCard on all floors.

The IUS library is located to the left of McCullough Plaza, the IUS clock tower, and can be found on the left side of Hillside Hall.  

The Ogle Center 

The Ogle Center is also a top spot because students can study while social distancing, and is also a quiet area. The building has large windows on the front and back that allow for a lot of natural light to enter the building. It makes the building feel bright and airy, which is perfect for accomplishing homework, and staying awake to do it. Students utilize couches and tables on the main level, while a small computer lab and printers are available upstairs. Although COVID-19 has many upset about changes, IUS students still enjoy these areas on campus.

The Ogle Center is located to the right of the University Center North building, on the far right side of campus.   


Returning to campus after more than a year of online classes during the COVID-19 pandemic means a lot of areas for college students are still different. While PJs in Zoom classes were a part of everyday life last year, students have begun in-person classes this fall. While some days are “study days” for in-person classes on campus, other days consist of more Zoom classes. IUS is making the slow transition to classes on campus again. After learning how to study from a distance, the return to IUS will be slow and steady. Students are very excited to be back on campus, but also still enjoy the quiet comfort studying at home offers.

Want to hangout with IUS friends? Checkout the top 3 places students like to hangout:

University Center South Dining Hall

While the Game Room across from the coffee shop is being used for COVID-19 testing, fun new elements have recently been added to the University Center South Dining Hall. This area includes a bookshelf with board games and card games, table tennis, pool, as well as two TVs for students looking to relax with a show or movie. While some students choose this area to study, it is not popular for getting homework done. Instead, it is a place to let loose and meet up with friends, or take a quick lunch break. With the cafeteria and Papa John’s also being closed down in the dining hall, students have to take their own lunch, or walk across campus to order Subway for lunch. Nevertheless, it is still popular to find many IUS students hanging out here. 

The dining hall is located inside the bottom level of University Center South, the building directly to the right of the McCullough Plaza and Hillside Hall. 

Starbucks at University Grounds Coffee Shop

The new coffee shop on campus is a great way to meet up with friends in between classes to grab a quick coffee and some socializing. Known as University Grounds Coffee Shop, they are now serving all Starbucks products for customers who love the favorites. The coffee shop always plays music to get students in the relaxing mood, and greets customers with the smell of warm coffee. They have tables and chairs as well as couches and computers for students to use. Whether wanting to grab a pumpkin spice latte on the way to class, or dropping in for a few hours to catch up with campus friends, the University Grounds Coffee Shop is always a good choice.

Starbucks is located in the bottom level of the University Center South building, across from the IUS bookstore.  

Local Restaurants

Students are finding other ways to enjoy good food and socialize with only Subway open on campus. A lot of students have resorted to meeting up at local restaurants to get their social fill. While the dining hall is still open as a space for students to use, they must bring their own food to eat lunch on campus. A few quick eats close to campus are Taco Bell, Arby’s, McDonald’s and Frisch’s Big Boy. Farther down Grant Line Road includes Which Wich Superior Sandwiches, El Nopal, Skyline Chili and Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken.  Students can no longer pass by friends in the cafeteria for a quick hello and lunch, but have to schedule time during the busy week to eat with friends off campus.