IUS Bucket List: 10 fun things to do before you graduate


Rachel Harris, Staff Reporter

As graduation season is approaching fast, many Indiana University Southeast students are looking for ways to celebrate their last few months in college. Some may be graduating in December, while others graduate next May. 

People always say the best time in a person’s life is in college. With adulthood right around the corner, college students can use this list of 10 fun activities as a chance to make more memories  in college during their last year that will be remembered for years to come. 

Whether you’re a senior looking for some last-minute adventures before leaving college, or a sophomore looking for some fun things to do over holiday break, there is something for everyone. 


Have professional photos taken

Most college seniors haven’t had professional photos taken for about four years. In other words, since their high school graduation. Graduating college is the perfect chance to pay for some good quality photos of yourself. Not only will you be able to use these to remember your last year of college, but they will come in handy to use as headshots for potential employers. 


Have a hangout with your college buddies

Spending a night out with college friends before moving on to bigger and better things after graduation is a nice chance to get one last group photo of the gang. This could look like dressing up to go to a fancy restaurant, getting some takeout to have a movie night together or heading to your favorite local cafe for a group breakfast.

Go on a grad trip

We’ve all heard of high school graduation trips parents take their seniors on, but what about college senior trips? Whether you can afford to take a flight to Miami Beach or not, a simple camping trip an hour away for the weekend is a great opportunity to spend time with loved ones while relaxing in nature. 

Go to an IUS sports game

There’s nothing like getting into the school spirit by attending an IUS game. As basketball season approaches, there are several opportunities to go to basketball, volleyball, tennis and many other types of sporting events. Visit the IUS Athletics calendar for the master list of all IUS sporting events. 

Go see a student production/musical performance at the Ogle Center

If sports aren’t your speed, the Ogle Center at IUS offers a variety of artistic events such as concerts, plays and guest speakers. Currently playing Proof by the IUS Theatre, many events are free at the moment. Check out the Ogle Center calendar to find events they’re hosting.

Go to a college party

Whether you decide to host a chill party with friends at your apartment or head out to a rager, you can’t go wrong with a last hurrah with your favorite college gang. Not only will it be a night of fun, but something you will remember forever. Don’t forget to take pictures. 

Write a letter to (or meet with) your favorite professor

Professors have the ability to impact students’ lives with each new semester. Do you have one professor who has continually encouraged you, or impacted you in some way? Let them know. Write a “thank you” letter to let them know how they have impacted you. Better yet, stop by during their office hours for some last one-on-one time before heading into adulthood. 

Go to a campus event

If you are looking for something to do with people around campus, checkout the IUS events calendar for dates about club meetings, hangouts and more. It includes everything from special events happening on campus, to club meeting times. With so little time left on campus, make your last bit of time not just in class, but with student life. 


Decorate your graduation cap

If you did this in high school, you probably remember walking across the stage to receive your high school diploma, head held high with pride wearing a beautifully decorated graduation cap. Doing this for college graduation is even more amazing. Being your last project in college, you could make it an entire event, getting together with fellow seniors to decorate your caps and reminiscing on college memories. 

Get a picture in front of the IUS sign

This isn’t something that’s normally thought of when graduating college. You walk on campus every single day but have never thought to take a picture in front of the IUS sign. Now is the time. With graduation approaching fast, this is the last photo you’ll take on campus. Make it memorable!