With new Multicultural Student Center, IUS puts focus on diversity


Maho Sato, Staff Reporter

Indiana University is investing $30 million to diversify its faculty. 

According to News at IU, the Presidential Diversity Hiring Initiative, announced in Sept., will strive to hire professors and researchers from groups that are historically underrepresented in the field of higher education.

“As a university, we have already taken important steps toward greater diversity, and our resolve will now be matched by significant investment,” said IU President Pamela Whitten. “Now is the time to provide our students with access to world-class teachers and researchers from multiple perspectives.”

The importance of diversity has also been emphasized at IU Southeast. This past summer, the campus established the Multicultural Student Center, located in University Center 202.

Amanda Stonecipher, vice chancellor for enrollment, marketing and student affairs, believes that supporting all students and creating a space for them to connect and feel at home is a priority for all on campus.

“The establishment of the Multicultural Student Center and diversity at IUS is significant because everyone on campus should be committed to helping the students succeed,” she said. The new center is a long-overdue addition to the campus as it helps to promote a welcoming and positive campus climate.”

The center plans to have an event calendar. The center recently hosted a discussion with Joey Wilkerson, a new director of staff equity and diversity, and first-generation students. The discussion aimed to bring more awareness and to encourage IUS students to use the space to connect with others.

The Office of Study Abroad and Global Awareness is now located in the center, and staff members say they are eager to meet with those who are interested in study abroad opportunities — a chance to experience diversity beyond the New Albany campus.

The new multicultural student center is in University Center 202, and is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.