IU Southeast hosts virtual Institute for Learning & Teaching Excellence event for faculty

Hannah Powell, Staff Reporter

It can be difficult for professors to build positive, honest relationships with their students, especially during a pandemic. The Institute for Learning & Teaching Excellence (ILTE) helps to combat those issues and guide teachers. 

Early in March Leslie Doyle, a professor and lecturer of fine arts, spoke at an ILTE Zoom call. The meeting titled “Setting the Foundation for Positive Student Relationships” gave professors tips on how to help students and build better connections with them in the classroom. 

“The ILTE is a resource center for IU Southeast faculty at all stages of their careers,” said Dr. Robin K. Morgan, psychology professor and director of ILTE. 

“We work to bring together faculty to share expertise, explore innovations, and discuss the challenges of teaching in and across disciplines.” 

Though professors may be experts in their field of study, Morgan said that most faculty don’t receive extensive or any training in how to be an excellent instructor for their students. 

ILTE helps develop high quality classes that use strategies that studies show increased student learning. 

“By incorporating these strategies into their courses, faculty can be more successful in helping students learn. This benefits both faculty and students,” said Doyle

According to Morgan, ILTE services include helping faculty with course development and delivery, one-on-one consultation, workshops, and more. These services are directly related to enhancing student learning, as that is the ultimate goal. 

Morgan mentioned she knows at least 10 teachers on campus that have implemented what they learned from ILTE programs. 

Doyle has implemented ILTE strategies in her own classroom as well. She is making online courses more accessible, making sure assessments match up with course content, and being aware of how students learn and how cognitive overload can contribute to student performance. 

“I know not every student is going to desire the best relationship with their teacher from the very start of class,” Doyle said, “but I want students to know that they can be themselves in the classroom so teachers and students can both have a more engaging environment.” 

She wants classes to be fun for students and doesn’t want classes to be something they are attending just because they have to. Most importantly, she wants to make students feel comfortable coming to her if they have need.  

To learn more about ILTE, visit, https://www.ius.edu/ilte/.