Spring Into Sweetness

Crystal Sexton Poates, Staff Reporter

When you walk up to the main door, you are greeted with historic flavor and an aromatic rush of sweetness. Inside the 132-year-old candy shop, you will often find the owners, Warren and Jill Schimpff, making a fresh batch of cinnamon candy and providing details on the process, showcasing their antique equipment, and explaining their shop’s history. What makes their candy shop unique is that they are family-owned and have been located at 347 Spring Street, Jeffersonville, Indiana since 1891. Schimpff’s Confectionery also houses a museum, soda fountain and confectionery store.  

McKenzey Crittenden, an employee of three years, assists Warren Schimpff with making the popular cinnamon red hots. “We can turn a batch over every 45 minutes if we need to. It just depends on how hard we want to work.”  It is apparent that the Schimpffs are not slowing down anytime soon. While they make a new batch, Jill sits in the background explaining every step. The Vulcan stove is 85 years old and the table for the cooling process is the same age as the store.  

History carries into the back of the store with a museum. Down a short hallway, you will find the soda fountain where you can order a milkshake, malt, or Cherry Coke float with lunch. The seats are filled with guests because it is a local favorite for lunch. Before leaving, you can wander through two separate areas lined with candy cases, memorabilia, and souvenirs. The cases are filled with a variety of choices. Schimpffs Confectionery also creates their own chocolate molds. For more personalized treats, Lydia Perry is molding bunnies for Easter and horses for upcoming Derby festivities. For more details visit Schimpffs website.