Fresh air from Horizon

IUS Horizon

Dear Editors,

I would just like to say what a breath of fresh air your article “Amend to Amend” was. I used to be in the Student Government Association.

I was a member for a semester in the spring of 2009.

I was really optimistic when joining SGA and thought I could make a difference, but I soon found that they lacked any kind of goal — or mission statement — to uphold what they actually cared about. There was never a sense of community and nobody ever approached me about actual politics or ways to help improve our campus for the benefit of the student body.

Every time I started speaking to someone about ideas, all I would get were arguments, as if everything as to be handled the way the congress handles things, with the ability to be impossible to go someone else’s way.

They don’t seem to care about creating anything for the students that the students might actually need.

The only thing that ever came out of the SGA was the recycling cans.

Other than that, they don’t have a sense of what a SWOT analysis is or even care to think about where they stand as an organization.

I can tell you what they can do though.

They are masters of the highest ability of the tallest reaches of greatness at changing their own laws that never get used; changing a word in the by-laws here, making a period into a comma there, sitting in the office and taking money for holding a position and not accomplishing anything every single week while talking about how they are so proud of the title that they hold.

I’ve tried to give them more chances than I should have, but I’m tired of them getting nowhere.

The broken U.S. Congress gets further in a single day than the IUS SGA gets in two years.

Calling the SGA out in the article “Amend to Amend” was a perfect and prompt article from The Horizon that was both interesting and flat out good journalism.

Keep it up guys!

Christopher Eve

music business senior