10 Ways to Screw up with Facebook

IUS Horizon

This is a humor piece and should not be taken seriously. The Horizon takes no responsibility should a person actually take this serious.

1. Post a status about your job and how much you hate it. Get one free Mafia Wars power pack if you say how stupid your boss is and how much better you could do his job.

2. If you’re not 21 yet, post pictures holding open alcohol bottles or vomiting in a toilet at that party you called into work to go to. 12 Farmville valentines if you’re too hung-over for class the next day and you send your professor an e-mail about how sick you are.

3. If you’re in relationship, rekindle a friendship with an ex boyfriend or girlfriend. 25 free Farkle points if you can convince your current significant other there’s nothing going on. 100 free Farkle points if the ex is now married.

4. The next time your girlfriend buys something special at Victoria’s Secret, tell her you can’t tonight because you have to harvest your grapes on Farmville. I’m sure she’ll understand.

5. Take a road trip to the exit 19 sign on I-65 and have your picture made in front of it. Make that your profile photo. This one will actually get you a lot more friends. Just watch out for sneezing drivers trying to exit the highway while you’re doing it.

6. Leave your computer on with Facebook still up when you go to get another Vault on a Friday night. Some editor that thinks he’s funny will make you status something about growing a mullet again. Sit back and wait for the comments to roll in about how bad of an idea that would be.
7. When you get mad at a friend, just defriend them. That’ll show them. Plus, then you can’t check back to see what they posted about how childish you are on their wall for all your other friends to see.

8. If you receive a YouTube virus, post it on your profile and send it to all your editor friends. I promise they will appreciate it, and they may deserve it for the mullet status.

9. Comment “that’s what she said” on everyone of your friends status for one day. Probably won’t ruin your life, but it’s more fun than Farmville any day.

10. Just set up a Facebook account and watch how many hours you waste playing games and chatting on there. Bonus points for every relationship you damage or destroy.

This is so much better than MySpace.