Denbo, Williamson win SGA election with last-minute bid

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Amanda Denbo

On Thursday, April 22, Amanda Denbo, human resources management and general management senior, and Tristan Williamson, religious studies and English junior, will be inaugurated as SGA president and vice president, respectively.

Both Denbo and Williamson said they plan to get their fellow students much more involved but don’t plan on implementing anything big until they hear from them.

“We want to get a lot more information from students before we do anything,” Denbo said.

Denbo spent one semester as vice president to the outgoing SGA president James Bonsall, business junior. Williamson was in his first year as a SGA senator before this recent election.

Denbo and Williamson said they decided to run because the SGA wanted someone to run against Bonsall and his running mate Kevin Evans, elementary education freshman.

There were two candidates, but they did not meet the GPA requirements and wanted to lower the requirement.

Denbo and Williamson did meet the current standards and chose to run because they did not want them lowered.

Denbo said she believed the previous connection to the SGA was helpful in getting elected in such a short period of time, and Williamson also cited his membership in the Student Veteran Organization as being helpful in getting the two elected.


Denbo grew up in Corydon and came to IU Southeast in the fall of 2006 after graduating from Corydon Central High School.

She began as a criminal justice major until she realized the field wasn’t for her.

“It wasn’t necessarily what I wanted to do,” Denbo said.  “I really enjoy psychology and absolutely loved the first class I took that was related to it.”

Denbo also said she chose IU Southeast because of the quality of the education in relation to the cost.

“It’s the best for the money,” she said.

Denbo will finish all the courses her degree requires in August, but said she plans on taking one class in each of the following two semesters until she finishes her one-year term as SGA president.

She said she is applying to IU Bloomington to pursue her doctorate in organizational behavior, which she will begin in the fall of 2011, if accepted.


Williamson found his way to IU Southeast in a less orthodox way.

Williamson grew up in Jasper, Ind., and, at 17, joined the Navy and went to boot camp in the Great Lakes after graduating high school.

Over the next four years, Williamson spent a total of 18 months between two separate deployments in the Persian Gulf, but very little time in San Diego, where he was stationed.

After being discharged in April of 2008, Williamson enrolled in classes in May and was in class for the summer sessions. He’s been here ever since.

Williamson said he chose IU Southeast in large part due to the location.

“It wasn’t too close to home, but it wasn’t too far away,” he said.

Williamson also said he wants local children to be aware of the advantages of attending IU Southeast.

“I want them to know there is a school in your hometown where you can get an IU degree,” he said.

After getting his bachelor’s degrees, Williamson said he will pursue his master’s degree in one of his two majors, most likely religious studies at a university, preferably in California.

Williamson said he hopes to become a professor some day.

Future SGA plans

Some of the main things on their agenda are the SGA gaining more control on where and how the Student Activity Fees are used and getting students on campus more involved in the community.

The two said they want to focus on serving the student interest


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