E-mails get more annoying

IUS Horizon

Dear Editors,

Recently, I returned to IU Southeast after a few years away, and I was surprised to see that my e-mail continued to build up long after I left. A thousand of them stacked up in the three years I was gone.

There were numerous Improvement of Learning Committee e-mails that should have stopped long before my time as a student ended. What hope do they have of improving learning if they are unable to manage an e-mail list of about eight to 10 people? It’ s possible that’ s a bit harsh as this is a faculty committee after all.

Another message was from a professor who emailed a hundred people asking which “Chris H.” requested permission for her 200 level class. No Dr. Scott, it wasn’ t me.

A November 2005 e-mail asks if anyone had seen the stapler from the Crestview Computer Lab. I for one have not, but I’ ll keep an eye peeled. I would like to know if the e-mail job offer of $3,100 per week is still standing though. With tuition costs plus books from Barnes & Noble it would definitely come in handy.

The e-mails certainly don’ t appear to have been all bad. There was the SE Campus Life e-mail titled “Beach Party on the Planet” which was later followed by “Sex in the Planet.” Another read “See Christopher 2X tonight.” If only I had gotten that message two years ago. I still probably wouldn’ t have come. So if you tried contacting me regarding discount prescription drugs, adding a couple inches where it counts, or anything else of great importance to a college student, I am sad to say your e-mail is now deleted. Please try me again.

Chris Hashem