Prices could be much worse

IUS Horizon

Dear Editors,

I was reading a snippet in this week’s paper called “10 ways to screw the student body” and I am not very pleased with how it was making fun of IU Southeast and the fact that no one had their name next to it. Who wrote that again?

I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be a funny joke that’s meant to be taken lightly, but I’m not laughing. I think this school has come a very long way in terms of providing for students and being a more hands-on campus and don’t think this university deserves to be treated the way you just did. Most of the fun-making was of retarded remarks.
An example would be making fun of the food.

What’s really so bad about the food? I was here when they had pizza and Subway and I greatly think that what they have to offer in terms of variety is far better than that of two years ago. Also, making fun of the prices the campus sets is silly and a bit cry-babyish. Go to New York University and you’ll find that the prices for everything else on that campus are about 10 times more expensive.

Most of the complaints the article had when poking at the school were very childish. This school is a business.

If it doesn’t profit then you don’t have a school to go to.

The complaints are what’s expected at a college, university, or life for that matter.

You are going to find you will have to pay fees, food, books and more wherever you go in life. So quit with the nitpicking and accept this is the adult world. No offense.

Christopher K. Eve