Cartoon irks senate secretary

IUS Horizon

Dear Editors,

Last week’s disguised Student Government Association members cartoon by Scott Gillespie was cute. I imagine it produced the common reaction of, “Hey, that’s right — I don’t know any SGA members, but maybe I’ve seen the president around. What’s the deal?”

Let me ask you this: How many of your state elected officials did you know by name or face two weeks ago? Most of those you could recall or identify were probably only familiar as a consequence of expensive campaigns bombarding your television, mailbox and roadside grass patches.

Now consider this: Though it may be entertaining, would you really want your student government spending money, meant to benefit you, instead on laminated color mugshots and calls to vote?

Consider the cause of the supposed veiled identities of SGA members. If you don’t know them and would like to, you will soon know where to find them.

The senate office is located in the lower University Center between the police office and bookstore, and senators are required to serve at least three hours per week, so if you loiter long enough, you will meet each of them.

Executive and judicial offices are located south of there in the hub that contains The Horizon and Student Life offices. The entire SGA meets every Thursday at 4:30, usually in a UC conference room, and everyone is welcome to attend.

If you want to know your elected officials, student, state, or federal, then go find them. Your political knowledge requires action on your part — not the elected — as they, hopefully, will be busy working to better your situation whether or not you are aware.

Thus, I urge you to seek your officials if you care to know them, and please, for your sake, present them your opinion on issues important to you.

Angel Dyke
Student Government Association
Senate Secretary