The Horizon

Just those three letters

Laura Hubrich

September 23, 2013

I have one of the best cousins in the world. His name is Joe and I look up to him in every way. Joe lives in New York where he has an amazing job, pays his bills and has so many friends. Joe is one of the most caring, funny, and hard working people I know. He is just like you and I. But Joe is gay. Oh no, I dropped a bombshell. Why is that such a ter...

Thank you, Marc Weinberg

Aprile Rickert

September 23, 2013

Most people that know me are pretty familiar with my irrational fear of tornadoes. I’m not saying that they’re a joke by any means, but there is a bit of sentiment among some that living in the Midwest should give one a sort of desensitization to them. You know these people, the laissez-faire folk who go on swimming or watc...

Story time: my collection

Hannah Ash

September 9, 2013

My friend is collecting lies. One night while we were on campus, he told me he is gathering fibs to help gain some sense freedom from his overbearing parents. While he is perfectly capable of finding and forming his own additions for the collection, he has also started asking others if they have anything...

3 words: comfort measures only

My mom and dad hold me on my first day home from the hospital.

Bryan Jones

September 9, 2013

Last September my family and I got the worst news imaginable. “Dad probably wouldn’t make it the next year.” I left work and rushed to my father’s house as fast as I could— He was distraught. I had never seen my dad cry before in my life and I was terrified. Fast forward to January ...

California vacation offers life changing advice

Samantha Frazier

August 26, 2013

This summer, I thought I would change. I went on a trip a fortune teller predicted would be spiritual. She said it would give me the answers I’d been looking for, and I couldn’t have been more excited, because that was precisely why I was going. But it didn’t happen exactly like that. In...