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Coming Out

Shelby Orange October 11, 2013

How coming out of the closet affects members of the LGBT community Think about the phrase “coming out.” Its three syllables, two words and one life-changing decision. On Oct. 11, 1987, the March...

Fairness Campaign fronts activism in community

Jims Porter October 11, 2013

Being thrown off a bus or kicked out of a restaurant simply because a person is different may seem like distant history to many Americans. Laws protecting against discrimination based on sexual orientation...

Stop teaching hatred start preaching acceptance

Gail Faustyn October 11, 2013

Oppression is something that America has gotten quite good at. While we may be the good ole “land of the free” we are also the land of the selective. You are free to be who you want in this country,...

Coming Out: Why no one should have to

IUS Horizon October 11, 2013

People focus a lot on coming out. There’s a national coming out day, there’s coming out hotlines, even videos on YouTube of people coming out to their parents to help people through it. There’s frequently...

Coming Out: A story I’ve never told

Bryan Jones October 11, 2013

In the LGBT community I am kind of young considering I have only been out since June of 2012. On my 21st birthday I didn’t get super plastered because inside I was fighting an inner demon. Since I...

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